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Enter Wine World! No We Don’t Mustard You Up! Those Are Just Rumors!

I am tired and not pooped but tired. Another day in wine ends. The last few posts I started in my other blog My Week in Wine I ended up copying and pasting them here. The lines of thought I follow appear in blog posts as I write and so far they belonged here not there. That blog was created for random stuff. Lets say I ran into a wine blah blah and there is not much to tell to stick it in this blog but worth mentioning, then it goes in that one. That is what it is good for. I am starting this post here because my experience has been I end up moving it here and why not just keep it here from the start! Copying on a cellphone screen is relatively hard. That is another thing.

I had my Saturday. I did a lot. It was fun. I guess doing different things is fun versus doing same thing all day. I did a little experiment and had a second breakfast at Jack just to see what happens. Exactly as I had expected. Too much breakfast and I didn’t even notice lunch time. My body decides that and if eats enough in the morning as in two or three breakfasts it will skip lunch on its own. And how was wine business. Who cares. Some businesses are always good. I have started confusing myself already. I need a lot of information before I can think and a huge space in three dimensions (not to mention that has smaller similar spaces all over) filled in all kinds of weird orders of various wines has a lot of not defined pieces and they need knowing before one can think. I guess not everyone thinks in three dimensional models to have my problem. Most of us think linearly. That is learned by learning language. People think that is a good way to think. As I have said the word stupid has too many meanings.

A study of literature is said to an excellent way to develop thinking abilities even if erroneously. It is said what I write online constitutes a fantasy realm that I have created or sort of like a video game fantasy world which is quite interesting but this game only has one player and everyone else strives not to be “in.” it is said the only time another being appears in my realm it is because I dragged them in there so sooner or later I can say and do bad things to them and I have developed this abuse system down to a science and art hence so interesting so people love to know for instance if the President was in the realm today what happened? The details will be very interesting like a fantasy videogame world. Let me think, first we cover his head with a lot of mustard then put slices of tomatoes all over the mustard to see how he looks. We can always change it. Anyway this is my fantasy realm and I dare you try think life without it. It is a scientific model of what should become of a lot of things. Some unfortunate people get caught in its machinery sometimes and that is price of progress. And what does all this have to do with wine? I was going to try explain some of the allure of wine by using fantasy realm model but typing on this phone takes forever. I just say understanding wine requires traveling to a realm where wine is understandable. This fantasy realm needs construction and learning details of this world by learning about wine and experiencing it is the only way to reach this understanding. Otherwise we just talk about wine not knowing shit because the realm is big and too my unique details to simplify it and claim we know wine. It is too crazy inside wine world and fortunately this is not a video game where fool players get abused by power players called Sommeliers who learn abuse from French (i will be hearing back about this one.) can do as they please and fool players take it as it comes. You can survive and benefit the wine world by learning too much. One of the unique things about wine learning is beginning and intermediate knowledge are bullshit. They are not worth a dime. Only advanced meaning thorough knowledge works and fortunately this body of knowledge is Finite. After that you can explore and no power player can do it to you. Your power equals in many ways and can remain in the fantasy. It is a fascinating world. The more you explore wine the more details of this realm are reveled to you and nobody can cover your head with mustard and slices of tomatoes because this ain’t a one player fantasy game where you get beat up by the player-owner. Wine world is great. Get into it. My stupid WordPress app won’t let me scroll anymore. I end here. 4 Jan 2014 6:11 pm Oakland, California

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