Bank Gave Me A Counterfeit $100 And What Is Next? (Reflection)

Today is Friday and a day off for me. It is also April Fool’s Day. I look at stats for my blogs on the charts and they are huge but when rolling curser over, it points out the numbers are April Fool’s Day gag only.

I loaded a video clip today for public viewing on Youtube. The theme was the $100 bill photographed here is fake and handed out by the bank. The clip was to get back at the bank and also to warn others. I talked to people and searched Google. This happens though not too common. I find it outrageous. It should not happen to people such as me who make a big deal. I am not a good target for being conned. The story is on my youtube

I wonder what this says about the security within the retail and restaurant industry? I think things change somewhat every few years if not sooner and procedures have to be updated to deal with them also. My way of handling everything is now changed. Businesses that deal with public and have cheap labor need to review procedure and upgrade. I can tell we have many problems at work that are typical but not what they used to be. The floors have to be redesigned. That is a necessity for all retail in near future. Many other minor changes have to be made and nothing is that to know exactly what should be done! The problems keep occurring and are a reminder many fundamental changes have taken place in the society. Everyone likes to watch for new trends to do well and make money. Here is a general trend that will cost a lot in short and long term but not easily definable. Watch out!