Why I Locked Most of My Websites? (Mylife)


I made a change in my websites (blogs) again. I now have only two websites that are available to the public. Reviews by Cush and Wine by Cush are both geared toward an audience of industry professionals or at least educated. I changed the name my main blog from World of Cush to My Life as a Cush. That blog contains all of my posts from every blog I have and is really my life in media format with a unique angle of being a Cush which is me as a unique person. My former blog of My Life As A Cush name is still around and serves as my basic journal. I have about 14 posts in progress but won’t publish any until next week. I made a few changes in my system and now am back on track producing as many blog posts as I used to. I think locking my websites will help me produce more higher quality material. Since my journal website is now locked also, I can include all the little details that I have been keeping out for the sake of them becoming public. My journal will now only be available to select few and is put together for its possible literary value. Everything else is working out just fine and will be explained in my other posts in my journal.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of My Life as a Cush blog and published early in World of Cush also.


Return to Normal Posting (Update #1)



Finally, the time has come to restart posting to my blogs. I have developed a new system which will take time to properly implement. Mobile blogging is more complicated than I had thought and as I am implementing the process, I will do my posts as in the past until I am fully mobile. I am sure I will post many snapshots on a regular basis and all of my posts will hopefully have some visual element. I believe this system helps readers. What is still in the process and has not been implemented is using video clips. I am still working on this and will take at least a few weeks before I can post video clips with my blog posts. Eventually, every blog post will have some visual presence of symbols, logos, photographs, snapshots or video clips. I am hoping to record a video blog episode for my more important blog posts which are sometimes hard to understand also. That system will be active in a short time but for now, I am posting as before until fully mobile which will increase the volume of my posts and the quality to some extent.

The only fundamental change is I will not schedule any posts as I have done in the past. In other words, as I write or record a blog post, I will post it. This will result in having a few posts every now and then or too many posts or possibly no posts for periods of time. This system will wrap up weekly when the edition notes are added and will probably have as many blog posts by end of the week as the old system of scheduling blog posts. The person who reads the blog weekly when the edition notes are released will hardly notice the time gaps between the posts but during the week this will be obvious. All of my blogs post weekly except for World of Cush and this system will work well for most of them. The big advantage of this system is I can produce whatever I have for posting regardless of limits imposed by a schedule of how many posts of what kind. Quality will be increased greatly using this system. Mobile blogging will benefit even greater from such a system.

The most obvious change to World of Cush will the increase in the number of visual elements within blog posts and visual posts such as photos or video clips. One possible change will also be the appearance of too many blog posts of the same kind after each other. Since the blog posts are not scheduled, they are not also distributed evenly based on the topic and the type of post. Whatever I may create will get posted and by end of the week everything will look as previous edition notes.

I am finishing a few projects from last year that can be done now and they will appear and disappear in the form of blog posts.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.