Filet versus Whole Fish (Reflection)

I had to buy fish again today. I picked one of several each to try but while waiting I noticed the filet costs only slightly more than whole fish. I can handle the handling of whole fish but after cleaning, cooking and deboning I doubt even 50% is left to eat so why not try filets. I did and am glad. It went quite well and I can eat twice as much fish because of the ease of cooking and handling. Lentils, pasta and my-own salad are good companions. I think this went well and I try again. I bought plenty of fish anyway and Bamboo Steamer does a dandy job.

Written on Blackberry 8520 for the benefit of food, wine industry propfessionals


Striped Bass in Bamboo Steamer Success Story (Reflection)

I finally had the chance. Buying fish was easier than I wanted. I only got one Striped Bass for my experiment. The man picked it so fast, I did not get to check the eyes and what not for freshness. It was cleaned and paid for. I got a few things and time to try the Bamboo Steamer. I had to cut the fish to fit and I favored keeping the head. The vegetable part did not go well! I knew well what steamed vegetables versus fresh tasted and no way I would steam. The fish got steamed with some onions and ginger as experiment. That failed. Steaming ginger does not work. The fish did very well in 15 minutes. I quickly figured how to debone and tossed half of what I bought. The fish cost $3.32 before cleaning. After cooking and deboning, I would say I had about $1.00 worth of meat!

The tomato got diced, the red bell pepper in thick stripes, some onions, some pickled Italian Pepperoncini sliced, salt, pepper, cheap Olive oil, and finally the fish. I think this is technically a salad. I don’t care. I am looking for easy ways to cook and eat fish nightly in lieu of chicken and what not. We are getting there. The taste was great as usual. I always do well in that department.

Written on Blackberry 8520 for the benefit of food, wine industry propfessionals