Jan 3rd 2013

Friday ended. Fruitless day. Lots of activity. I worked my ass off. That is what college is for. I also got the word people who haven’t got to college don’t like college graduates. Lousy shitty school I went to never got me a good job and becomes trouble too. Governor thinks I am a California education success story! Please….. And then run into a bunch of people who don’t like you because have college education. Is that why my fried chicken was late yesterday? I worked seven hours non-stop and handled what is referred to as hundreds of wine boxes. First the official word is I am too scary. And nobody believes me when I say my body makes its own decisions. It decided no lunch and we just keep going and nobody believes me that my body won’t listen to me and keeps going. Then expert word is I have a trick system for moving boxes hence I can do a million and not get tired. They finally learned how stuff get moved. Little by little. Break the motion up to as many pieces as possible and heck is safe and non-stop. I don’t know but if history is a lesson, don’t copy my stuff. If you don’t get killed or maimed for life, I will be hearing forever how was my fault and what I said. Ignore Uncle Cush. He went to California college. Aha. You cannot do what he does says Sacramento. Don’t you wish you were educated in California too! Anyway that is the praise I get from the fine folks far away in high rises who get overpaid by US Treasury to whine I have a trick system? F… all of them. I learned a lot about wine today by keeping close to them boxes. They don’t have a poetic presence but are coming to life slowly as I remember their stories. I have to learn a little French again. I want to learn functional French. They made me study grammar and all kinds of French stuff. I like it American style. Learn enough to fake it. I am glad I shall return. I don’t know where. For now to my normal life. And something good did happen. Vegas says I can go work there now. They say if I can handle sixty million bottles of wine and climb three stories high holding them like I do I am good enough for Vegas. Yesterday, I got word a friend who is a General commented that I handle boxes of wine like they are boxes of Ammo and can explode. That is not far from the truth. Wine has a story. That is a decent or above. If you can understand it, you can handle it. The trains have these ads that say 40% of all food in America gets tossed and people hunger. That is how wine gets treated. Ever been to a big event tasting? The quantities of wine wasted by the reps as they pour to impress you! A few drunks appreciate it but the rest toss them. 40% of food in America gets tossed! That is still food. Boxes of wine are like boxes of ammo if we knew what the story of the wine inside was. It is not just taste. French are right getting mad that memorizing names of wines won’t do and I have to understand French culture and people. There is a lot of that culture and people inside them better bottles. Trick system my ass! Losers work foe government except for our governor who bas been nice because they couldn’t do anything right and think the other guy bas a trick system hence can do. One day I tell you the tale of Chateau Obama reds. The joke is Obama owns the winery and I am the wine maker and believe or not I can mix so joke says people pay a lot to get a bottle of Chateau Obama so they drink when mad. They hate both of us! Corny joke. Nobody knows Uncle Cush outside his circles. Try again. 3 Jan 2013 5:51 pm Montgomery Station, California

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More on Wine Tastings!

am getting me knowledge back and not even drunk yet. Ran into a list of some 2000+ good quality wines we sell and viola here is challenge how much can I remember by reading through it once? I am rusty but gets your brain started! Wine advice said I am back in my sommelier mind after a few days only. I was wondering is it because I am pissed off that I complained about Fried Chicken fast food not doing proper wine tastings! A few criticized me but the smart ones loved it. Yes, I am right and they agreed. It is SO hard to taste regularly for most as was to get an order of Fried Chicken out of these people within all these limits and barriers. That is an industry problem and only some have the “privilige” of easy regular tasting. Plenty of garbage for tasting always however but routine evaluative tastings! Ha Ha. Not in a country proud to make a fake version of everything and ban the real version so can sell fake with higher profits. Fake tastings everywhere and if real tastings abundant the fakes die. That is un-American. Selling genuine and tossing fakes! Oh my God!

French gave me wine advice because of my tasting problem. They warned if I say one word they clam up and won’t talk to me so they got away. They claim visiting wine at the source is the only way. That is the vineyard etc and taste there and see and talk. They say a lot but basically that French make great wine because they go to each others vineyards and taste and talk and so on. They say bottle business is British invention and British never cared about wine. They traveled the world and stole or bought to sell. French say British had lots of bottles to show and taste so can sell what bought. They didn’t care about wine. They just were into selling them and that is what this bottle tasting system is and for people who want to buy and sell and don’t give a shit about wine or quality. French say my problem does not exist. I have a problem because bottle tasting system was not designed to appreciate wine or quality. It aims to sales. I have to do the minimum which is see the wine where wine is made and get all the info there is. And more not said here. I like that. Bottle tasting has advantages but is bullshit too. Once past a number there is a bunch of drunks socializing and tasting as business is over. Tastings have their own culture and we don’t cover here but I am working on my problems differently now thanks to French (bastards some may say but not me. I am nice now). I listened and did not say nothing as they demanded. Others are rude in parenthesis this time. Such is life. Blame the British and I agree. No problem. They are rude. 3 Jan 2014 7:10 am Hayward, California

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January 1st 2014

I am going to concentrate on a backward approach. Wine Advice (that means the person who advised me and talks to others who discuss blah blah) says I write plenty to get back in. They do have a valid point. I learned about wine through specific wine bottles then ended up in studies which are hard and general in nature. The next step is same again and I need to make friends with many wine bottles to cover the whole spectrum. That is a difficult approach but necessary and what is meant by wine writing first. Wine experts are now identified differently. As one progresses through this field one comes across many. They all speak the same language and more or less same things but careful systems make us deal with them properly. It is like living in a community. We come across many people and all of them pass as “people” but we know by cultural learning who is who and what is what. We avoid. We approach and so on. Culture teaches us how to choose. Wine people are similar. Everyone talks of wine and has their angle on wine. Most need to be banned from discussing wine. Culture teaches us that. Dealing with them leads to losses. Many sell wine. Many write on wine. Most drink or serve wine. They need care in handling. Their angles on wine and industry are very incomplete if not destructive. Avoiding them is the rule. A few and a very few of those few know what they talk about. They naturally avoid you and all the rest. That is not a bad thing. The time has come once again to go through the field and one comes across so many “people” who are known collectively as “wine people” and most have this introductory line of “I have been in wine business for X number of years and….” and “I have been in restaurant business for X number of years and ….” These are the people to avoid the most. They think they are authorities. They have the worst and most biased and possibly most erroneous ideas of the field and don’t you dare have an alternate view as they told X number of years right in their opinions. We need avoid them. And personally, I have to deal with another group in my quest. The so-called knowledge people who have some education or a lot, have some name or drag a celebrity of the field as being part in their work and are equally a problem. The higher folks have a good name for them. They are called “professional wine drinkers.” These folks have had enough background to be in the field at a higher than casual or tenure point and cannot be pushed off their step but their primary knowledge and ability lies in “drinking” a lot of wines and throwing labels, names, vintages, tastes and stories out at audience as their “knowledge” you cannot argue with unless you also drink their same and then can battle them. It sounds like there are not many left in the field. I guess that is why most “wine people” fit the nickname “doushbags” so aptly. We don’t have an industry in spite of what we are told. I have told people and I have been told by higher folks what the hell I am talking about. Experience will prove they are right. Food, wine, liquor, hospitality and the rest at least on the West Coast are just businesses. They market themselves and persons as many things but all in all are just that. They don’t have a deeper foundation of common principles and organization making them an industry. That means some level of regulation which fights easy dollars and let’s face it at least the restaurant part of this great “industry” (don’t forget great! That is a needed adjective in wine and food writing or upset some) many illegal activities are housed inside “restaurant biz” fronts and the existence of an industry structure would create serious conflicts with their “business” activities hence we promote “industry” but lack one. That is still the state of a lot of things on the West Coast. Who cares? We do so we avoid them. We need to look for and spend time with “good” parts of the food, wine, liquor and hospitality industry. That does not mean promoting them blindly but there are many “good” and “notable” things out there. The bads outnumber the “goods” by too many hence waste of time unless we are criminologists. The future needs more of “good” of this whatever we call “the industry.” Let’s stick to that in our path of visits, exploration and findings. 1 Jan 2013 12:05 pm San Leandro, California

Tuesday the 31st

Happy New Year! I should call my readers idiots or morons as I do in my other blogs but I am a professional wine person so I CAN be polite. Just don’t forget the CAN part. It can change. I am upset. Everything is fine but I am getting pushed. My ostracized art adviser says I should begin by Googling finding an editor. I did. It was too easy. As Monk put it in Barton Fink restaurant scene all Fink had to do was throw a rock in the room and would hit another writer to help him with his problem. Apparently editors are in large supply and I even found out why! Half upfront and half after? Are they talking about money? I can get any question I have answered by the top of the top people in any industry locally and turn around and insult them in writing the next day AND they still insist to answer future questions! Pay? Uncle Cush does not like that! In better or worse feedback I am told to find a school teacher to correct my typos and grammar before posting AND they tell me the life of the teacher is not in danger regardless what I write about wine business. “Who would target a school teacher for correcting my grammar?” I get a lot of help. I ask Department of State to find me an editor and if gets hit will be remembered as lost in action while serving the country! They really like to help. I will find a brave soul to edit my wine blog and threats are real hence editorial help is a must. Some of us have all kinds of protection but is not fair to the injured party to have such a hard time getting back for their loss so editorial help is recruited. They fear nothing. Humble writers eat and drink and write obscene criticisms. That is not a balanced equation. When the editor goes down it becomes fair and square. I am just kidding but I am famous. I need a strong editor who can handle a famous person. 31 Dec 2013 5:09 pm Hayward, California

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Monday the 30th

I miss working in restaurants. About midnight tomorrow there would be a riot. Fireworks as part of work is another thing. I am glad I am Unavailable. New Year’s Eve expenditure? Zero! It is good to be Unavailable. I am officially too busy to care about life on this planet. I am back in wine business. What bothers me is everyone praising this field of wine and pumping me up how good I am too AND knocking the electronics and wireless field in being no good and not having a future. That is new and won’t stop. I believe in the idea of being in multiple fields and always thought high tech was good! I guess I agree I was in retail not high tech. That is another story but we are doing same old stuff again AND I get a lot of notices now when I am to do what! My business adviser will notify me of my decision regarding wireless on Tuesday! He has been saying for a few days. And I was to wait a week before wine advice will follow on my next big step! Apparently I am where I am to be and don’t have to wait. Before I continue with anything else in wine I ought to do as much wine writing as possible. I got confused over the talk about kicking everyone’s ass by writing about wine, etc. I think I get it now. I forgot we are in the realm of Master Sommeliers now AND we are back on the old topic that the industry does not need legions of new Master Sommeliers manufactured annually so restaurants and hotels look good. The top echelon like to be the keepers of standards for industry NOT issuers of certificates including Master Sommelier papers. That is where kicking ass part is from. Majority of people in this shady but very glamorous industry know shit about the industry. Their asses can be kicked if they come across the wrong person from the industry whom knows what he or she is doing. That is my destiny in wine business before I am in wine business again? I don’t know and I hate the part that we listen to what we are told by only a handful of people. I can do. The only problem is how? I am a nice guy now. I should have a PR person and an editor to fix my typos and deliberate abuses of language so I can be a legitimate writer not a destroyer of language on purpose! That I can find but having two mediums as my old Wine by Cush blog for informal stuff and a decent business blog is so difficult as I was told by third party. The wine advice was to please write all in Wine by Cush blog because wine people like that. I don’t mind and will probably serve right than having an honest blog and a censored one! The only problem is I have said a lot of bad things about a lot of people in that blog and some people read the past stuff and will get mad! I think the solution is to find some fool editor who thinks editing the Wine by Cush is a legitimate literary activity. I just forward all the hate emails for the blog to him or her. “It is for you!” That way we should have no trouble authoring wine stuff and kicking ass while any hostility coming our way we direct to the editor person who is a professional journalistic person. They get trained to handle this stuff like cops do crime. Gotta give editors credit for jobs none of us can do! If that becomes reality I can even do the better advice I was given which is to travel! I was told why just scare San Francisco businesses? I agree. As the cliche goes I can do more damage that way except Unavailable folks have travel limitations. We have begun. How far and where we go is in the works. 30 Dec 2013 5:52 pm Fruitvale, California

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I Remember Her (Short Piece)

I ate at Tu Lan again today. Someone kept talking about there and I happened to find my way there. Today is my Friday and I am heading home. I have strange memories of Tu Lan. It seems like was a century ago when I was walking up one dirty street in San Francisco as a visitor (long before I was popular with City establishment!! Just kidding but long before.) where I remember some middle age woman with curly hair right in middle of sidewalk proclaiming to me how good the food is here. Ok. That is like a strange memory except as all personalities she had a face impossible to forget. It was I don’t know how long after I saw her on television and hey I have seen her before. That is ancient history but the menus at this place still have her pictures. I always eat the same dish but when I finally made up my mind it was ginger. I ate enough chicken not to crave it and ginger chicken was fine. Last week I discovered a way to make ginger palatable so I can eat in large quantities without bother. Cooking with chicken seemed to do it. Ginger not only tasted great but also was very different from fresh. I did think how Chinese cooking has plenty and today Vietnamese did the job. Ginger has many health benefits and I now can consume in quantities. Tu Lan dishes are very large and a little bit of rice. Food in good quality and quantity makes it a good destination. I will be back.

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Randal Grahm at K&L Wines (Tasting 40)


And he is back again for a short visit


This Friday from 5 to 6:30pm in our Redwood City store, the famous Randal Grahm of Bonny Doon will be coming to our tasting bar for a tasting and book signing! Don’t miss it!

The lineup…

2008 Bonny Doon “Ca’ del Solo Vineyard” Monterey County Muscat
2008 Bonny Doon “Ca’ del Solo” Monterey County AlbariƱo
2007 Bonny Doon “Le Cigare Blanc” Arroyo Seco White Blend
2006 Bonny Doon Ca’ del Solo Sangiovese
2005 Bonny Doon “Le Cigar Volant-Unfiltered” Rhone Blend
2006 Bonny Doon “Le Pousseur” Syrah
2008 Bonny Doon “Vinferno” Beeswax Vineyard Arroyo Seco Dessert Wine 375ml
We will also have signed copies of his new book, Been Doon So Long

3005 El Camino Real, Redwood City (one mile south of Woodside road)

K&L Wine Merchants
Phone: 877-KLWines (toll free 877-559-4637)
San Francisco, Redwood City, Hollywood CA

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