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And I Made Pizza Again (Snapshots)

I am told I include my cooking details to irk people or else they would not belong in a wine business blog. I got more tools for cooking pizza last week and haven’t found pre-made doughs yet. I think what I was shown in the frozen section last week is as good as it gets. I will have to try soon. The package I tried is same as last time and turned out same as last time except worse. Aluminum foil made a decent pizza with too much tomato sauce then. Today I used pans and is still too much tomatoes and I should have sprayed the pans. The instructions said nothing but my hunch was right. I think my pizza has improved and finally will happen. Good dough is the key and what I have been using is not it. We see next time.

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I Thought Pizza Turns Round Easy (Mentioned)

I had plans to try and make pizza at home but did it by accident today. My memory served me well that I could buy the premade pizza dough balls at the grocery store but since nothing showed online I postponed that. I did find by accident packages that did the job. The only problem is when I visited Kmart they could not be found contrary to the online quantities. I did find another package by accident and gave it a try! The photos of kids playing with the pizza (on the box) made sense when I was to spread the dough. I made no effort to round it up because original pizza is cooked and cut into rectangular. This was close enough but I know what they meant. There is no way to get this pizza right which means it will be made my way regardless. I added cheese and made one with cooked chicken. I will do it again but differently.

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They Are Going to Delete My Comment Again. Is This a Police State? (Reflection 39)


I thought I post my comment that went on Michael Bauer blog since it will be deleted. Everything gets deleted that has any substance while the blog is flooded with nonsense comments and garbage that wastes your time. And so is the reputation of SF Chronicle. Do we need another pizza place in San Francisco?

Any place that sells peasants’ food will do well regardless of economy, location and competition. That is the nature of the food and the cuisine has extreme tolerance for survival as mentioned here. Pizza, taquerias, hamburgers and so on live through all changes and ages. Hamburger is what American (modern day) peasants eat and is still in its golden age. Burritos rule and pizza is the original peasants’ food. P eat food that always taste good, fills them up and money goes the distance. Yes we need more pizza places. They survive any economy. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bauer knew something about restaurant business besides eating???

Food eaten by peasants (an old world term) should be reviewed as a topic of great importance. Dried meats, cheese, wine, pizza, burritos (in America), hamburgers and so on are where they are because the modern day equivalent of the old world peasants eat them in infinite quantities. The characteristics these foods share are worth studying. Trillions of dollars have been made by targeting the public based on what the general category of ‘peasant food’ encompasses. Bauer knows so little about so many things he should work at San Francisco Chronicle.

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New York Cracks Down on Pizza (Reflection #32)


I read NY Department of Health wants pizza not served off the display because of the cheese reheating issue. I thought that was interesting because at least 1/3 of pizza places I have ever come across in my life have some kind of setup for pizza by slice that keeps the pizza dormant for sometime. I never thought of its health hazards because it is not my choice food but have to comment pizza that stays in a display loses many things besides its appearance. A big city should have strict regulation because of the population and any little thing that goes wrong can effect too many people. I wonder how many people get food poisoning and sick because of eating out in San Francisco everyday? I have my own diet which works great because I never get sick, tired or weak. Any food that has processed anything in it qualifies as fake food for me and eating that will mean a false satisfaction because the body recognizes lack of nutrients and I need more food in a short time. I am not for a vegetarian diet because I don’t know enough to promote it but I eat more beans than meat and my body appreciates that. Eating out can have many hazards and what is done about that depends on how the system thinks of the typical eater and the philosophy of eating out. NY draws the line at what is healthy. SF is not exactly like that. SF considers restaurants as a class of businesses that know what they are doing and they are not treated based on science of principle but rather how long they have been in business and who owns them. Science is very political in San Francisco and department of Health can be very understanding. I don’t know how that is nationwide and that is someone else’s area based on some research but SF will never rank in any area if judgment is to be objective. Food policy in SF has much to do with who says what and who is who.

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Michael Bauer: the King of West Coast Food Critics (Reflection #11)


Today must be marked in the history of San Francisco dining. Michael Bauer has done it again. After God knows how long, he has produced an actual and readable post on his Between the Meals blog that is worth pondering. Thank you Michael Bauer for saving us. It hurts to read material that makes little sense day after day. I thought there was no coming back from being lost in his blog but today proves otherwise.

And the issue is great to mention: Restaurants are a must-stop for any disease that moves around the population. The damn things have to and will be carried by the staff and the truth remains a secret to the outsiders. I shared my 2cents, as comment on the blog, but will it do any good? Of course not.

Finally MB has done it. It has been so long since I read a good post on this blog. Today’s post is good. Yes! They get sick and won’t stay home for many reasons. The boss is one. Greed is another one for wait and bar folks. Do they care others get sick? My years of restaurant experience says NO. NO. Nobody cares. “I need money” is the motto of every wait-staff and the need never ceases. They have to work. I have worked with staff who earned $500 on average take-home and the next day didn’t have money to cross the bridge back home. Coughing, sneezing and what else is part of RESTAURANT CULTURE and needs hard clamping down to make a difference. I never worked in the kitchen but have you ever wondered what maybe happening to your food if front of house staff run around sick all the time?

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