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Resurrected Finally…..

It is 2014 and Wine by Cush is definitely resurrected. It was not dead but was returned from being under lock and key of passworded blogs that get filed just in case. The trouble that followed was how hard it is for one to write stuff and post while on the move most of the time. Months passed until I tried one day and what do you know Windows Mobile WordPress App does allow multiple log ins. That was a victory for wine writing right there! A non-diluted app unlike Android and think iOS (was so long ago) enabled me to dump content in here as I pleased. I regret my most recent posts express the lack of appreciation by professional writers or artists in general with editors or censors in general. They are not the enemy but get on your nerves hence if somebody shoots one of them, it may be much less of a loss than generally believed. That is a joke and I am glad we are all on good terms. I shall have editors and am sure in exchange for not paying my editor or editors they will run a tight and rigid blog that will be hard to breath in for any non-paying and rebellious writer. The result may be good. Content that has value but lacks deliberate typos and insistence on insulting the reader. That is the state of this blog. Editor or not, it will keep publishing and publishing in 2014 or as long as Windows Mobile shall live on. I will be very busy but between here and my My Week in Wine blog I shall do my damage and will be praised as done contributing to the industry! This is a tough year. I have to blog write on wine which requires physical events. That means I have to be places which is not my favorite thing to do. Writing is the less troublesome part. I have a full proof system to avoid a few things not appreciated hence making the prediction “You will make many enemies this year” not come true. I don’t have bad things to say or I mix them up real good with other stuff and good luck getting me on them. I deny I did it and you get it. I shall mark good not bad. Too many bads out there and San Francisco Chronicle writers will whitewash them or be on the run for pointing them out. Independent writers need not worry about anything but good. I read 13% into a generic wine book and feel like vomiting already. I cannot read any more. This happens everytime and the trouble is I know these contents so well I want to cry and say SO WHAT? I know all this shit and why do I have to hear it again and again. Wine writing seems to be stuck in a foundation loop majority can never rise above. Same stupid questions and same stupid answers and they call it wine writing. I cannot do that. I have a huge load of writing ahead and after hearing the command to blah blah write first blah blah kick everyones ass blah blah then wine business again I felt like I am in graduate school. Comprehensive and fair writing to cover enough of an industry to actually matter is a lot of activity and writing. One cannot get anything valuable out of incidental writing done to record events and experiences in time and space unless rarely or if a huge quantity is made available. I am called to do that. So be it. I am confused and lost and can care less. That is 2014 for now. I rip anything wine related apart limb by limb and detail the events in writing making the folks at top of wine education field very happy while a new format of writing will shield me from accusation that I have said bad things about somebody or somebody’s wine! Uncle Cush does not do that. We tried to return to wine business and sort of worked out. Wine industry cares little for another employee even us. They have business standards. Wine power folk are not that easy. I have been gone for a while when they had to hold fort against doushbags that roam and rob and destroy as industry folk. They demand I match their workload likewise before we are all on good terms and everyone say them, them and oh there is that asshole Cush again and he is one of them for sure. I shall write again. Everyone better be nice to me or my editor may be in danger. You just behave out there so nothing bad happens. 1 January 2013 11:34 am San Leandro, California


Important Bulletin

This hereby notifies all persons reading this notice the package of Burrito in purple is suspected of containing some manner of truth chemicals possibly loaded by Federal Government of United States. The side effects are average 30 minutes of involuntary truth telling to any audience available! You are hereby advised to take preventive measures against potential damage to your life, career and relationships. The other two packets taste good. Be careful after microwaving you may burn your tongue once in a while. These packages are experimental samples of breakfast for all survivors of current government in a post-liberal America. You will have to eat them to stay employed or alive in this country. The next government will not tolerate non-burrito eating population and takes serious measures. Feed the purple to whom you don’t like and ruin their lives some bad person may say and it is not me but seriously you could do it! Right? Hint. Hint. Bunaprti. Nice spelling! 28 Dec 20137:24 pm Hayward, California

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Homemade Fries My Way (Snapshot)

My latest invention. A big chicken got roasted in the oven and I did a potato experiment. Homemade fries. Slices of Idaho potatoes with skin after brushing the skin under water in a pan with some vegetable oil and salt. Tastes great. Ordinary French fries is nothing compared. Was in oven till crispy and did get rotated for maximum crispy pieces.

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And I Made Pizza Again (Snapshots)

I am told I include my cooking details to irk people or else they would not belong in a wine business blog. I got more tools for cooking pizza last week and haven’t found pre-made doughs yet. I think what I was shown in the frozen section last week is as good as it gets. I will have to try soon. The package I tried is same as last time and turned out same as last time except worse. Aluminum foil made a decent pizza with too much tomato sauce then. Today I used pans and is still too much tomatoes and I should have sprayed the pans. The instructions said nothing but my hunch was right. I think my pizza has improved and finally will happen. Good dough is the key and what I have been using is not it. We see next time.

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Twice-cooked Chicken (Cooking)

Last time I cooked chicken it was breast. This time I got whole chickens and frankly I was neither interested in boiling nor roasting. Last time, when I put the breasts in the oven, I also added a cooked chicken leg from previous cooking. By the time the breasts were ready, this leg was cooked crisp again and tasted full of flavors. The crisp and dry chicken had intense flavor compared to boiling or roasting. I have heard of twice-cooked pork (pig) but twice-cooked chicken? Internet was no help. The recipe I found basically browned the chicken as cooking once. I tried my own recipe. Since fat is wasted when boiling, I stripped all the fat. The salted chicken was washed and went in the pot with a big onion in its cavity. Since I was out of Rosemary, basil and parsley were added!!! I added bay leaves and the remainder of the dried red chili peppers. The chicken cooked well and I used sliced potatoes and onions that were roasted once as pan bed. The skins went on top of chicken to moisten the meat and it was turned over once. A bunch of whole garlic cloves went in before roasting also. The whole thing turned brown, crispy, dry and full of flavor. I save my cooking for next day and beyond. I also threw the tiny Farmer John pork links I disliked (experimental) this morning on a bed of sliced uncooked potatoes. The result was delicious. I have four more whole chickens to go. I have a feeling I know how they get cooked. Twice-cooked is good. I think they bury the pig in that recipe. Mine cooks with tiny flavor and roasts for maximum flavor. I am sure rosemary would add plenty also. A little vegetable oil was added to the uncooked potatoes.

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I Thought Pizza Turns Round Easy (Mentioned)

I had plans to try and make pizza at home but did it by accident today. My memory served me well that I could buy the premade pizza dough balls at the grocery store but since nothing showed online I postponed that. I did find by accident packages that did the job. The only problem is when I visited Kmart they could not be found contrary to the online quantities. I did find another package by accident and gave it a try! The photos of kids playing with the pizza (on the box) made sense when I was to spread the dough. I made no effort to round it up because original pizza is cooked and cut into rectangular. This was close enough but I know what they meant. There is no way to get this pizza right which means it will be made my way regardless. I added cheese and made one with cooked chicken. I will do it again but differently.

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Sausages and Potato Gratin (Snapshot)

I did plenty of chicken cooking two days ago but was so much work I could care less to take photos. That turned out well. These sausages look good. That is breakfast for a few days. It took a long time to bake in the oven and I wonder how is. I find out tomorrow. The potatoes turned out great as they do with the chicken I cook this way. I tell people is potato gratin and since tastes so good nobody disagrees. It feels so American to peel and slice potatoes and layer them to cook in the juices and fat of chicken or sausages and call it potato gratin. Fake is what American is in too many cases. I like my potato gratin. Would you like some. They are so good I think I make a tone of potatoes this way and bake them. That beats boiled potatoes.

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