Jan 3rd 2013

Friday ended. Fruitless day. Lots of activity. I worked my ass off. That is what college is for. I also got the word people who haven’t got to college don’t like college graduates. Lousy shitty school I went to never got me a good job and becomes trouble too. Governor thinks I am a California education success story! Please….. And then run into a bunch of people who don’t like you because have college education. Is that why my fried chicken was late yesterday? I worked seven hours non-stop and handled what is referred to as hundreds of wine boxes. First the official word is I am too scary. And nobody believes me when I say my body makes its own decisions. It decided no lunch and we just keep going and nobody believes me that my body won’t listen to me and keeps going. Then expert word is I have a trick system for moving boxes hence I can do a million and not get tired. They finally learned how stuff get moved. Little by little. Break the motion up to as many pieces as possible and heck is safe and non-stop. I don’t know but if history is a lesson, don’t copy my stuff. If you don’t get killed or maimed for life, I will be hearing forever how was my fault and what I said. Ignore Uncle Cush. He went to California college. Aha. You cannot do what he does says Sacramento. Don’t you wish you were educated in California too! Anyway that is the praise I get from the fine folks far away in high rises who get overpaid by US Treasury to whine I have a trick system? F… all of them. I learned a lot about wine today by keeping close to them boxes. They don’t have a poetic presence but are coming to life slowly as I remember their stories. I have to learn a little French again. I want to learn functional French. They made me study grammar and all kinds of French stuff. I like it American style. Learn enough to fake it. I am glad I shall return. I don’t know where. For now to my normal life. And something good did happen. Vegas says I can go work there now. They say if I can handle sixty million bottles of wine and climb three stories high holding them like I do I am good enough for Vegas. Yesterday, I got word a friend who is a General commented that I handle boxes of wine like they are boxes of Ammo and can explode. That is not far from the truth. Wine has a story. That is a decent or above. If you can understand it, you can handle it. The trains have these ads that say 40% of all food in America gets tossed and people hunger. That is how wine gets treated. Ever been to a big event tasting? The quantities of wine wasted by the reps as they pour to impress you! A few drunks appreciate it but the rest toss them. 40% of food in America gets tossed! That is still food. Boxes of wine are like boxes of ammo if we knew what the story of the wine inside was. It is not just taste. French are right getting mad that memorizing names of wines won’t do and I have to understand French culture and people. There is a lot of that culture and people inside them better bottles. Trick system my ass! Losers work foe government except for our governor who bas been nice because they couldn’t do anything right and think the other guy bas a trick system hence can do. One day I tell you the tale of Chateau Obama reds. The joke is Obama owns the winery and I am the wine maker and believe or not I can mix so joke says people pay a lot to get a bottle of Chateau Obama so they drink when mad. They hate both of us! Corny joke. Nobody knows Uncle Cush outside his circles. Try again. 3 Jan 2013 5:51 pm Montgomery Station, California

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