January 2nd 2014

Thursday. I am tired. I am sleepy. My body has been adjusting to changes and is running well. I cannot complain except that I am confused. Who cares.

And I had my first wine tasting today. Lunch time was late lunch. I walked to the local store where fried chicken is popular. They serve with Sprite. It was good and yes no wine! It was a wine tasting however. Tastings are exactly the same. One needs a break and has a destination that needs calculating the time to get there. If and when one arrives the chances that things go wrong at the tastings are always good. The same here. My chicken wrap order took longer than expect. The Cajun rice was good but so small and I wonder what chemicals are added by US government to make us do what. This dude who was a Marine told me how government put stuff in their food so they feel neutered hence when off ship they would behave. He said the best looking girl would walk by on shore leave and they would look but felt neutered. It is more widespread now. Burritos are Mexican and the racist Fed are said not to like whomever eats food those foreigners like and adds chemicals that mess with eaters! I have been told this and my sources are dead so cannot prove true or false. Fried chicken is same. Supporters of Zero eat fried chicken in quantities and we need to watch for them racist government people. It can happen if not already. My order took too long as in the tastings when things go wrong. I was thinking if that was the tasting and I wa able to get and leave and taste in thirty minutes how many wines would I taste? And how would I get past the reps and to the wines I was curios about in that little time? As obvious my first tasting did not go well. It sucked. Chicken was good and I cannot complain about Sprite but service took too long and that rice definitely has government added chemicals. I am getting back into the swing of things however. I was expecting my clusters of wine knowledge and memories to travel from back of my head to the front (I can be very scientific) and they did. I abandoned the wine book I was reading! F that. I am not same crap for 10000th time. My wine mindset and memories are definitely back. Then again I will be doing more action stuff now. I feel like I am writing encyclopedia Wikipedia pages on wine (and while on topic how come I don’t have my own page on Wikipedia yet? Third rate collections….) by documenting my events. Today was not much. 2 Jan 2013 5:38 pm McArthur, California

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