Important Bulletin

This hereby notifies all persons reading this notice the package of Burrito in purple is suspected of containing some manner of truth chemicals possibly loaded by Federal Government of United States. The side effects are average 30 minutes of involuntary truth telling to any audience available! You are hereby advised to take preventive measures against potential damage to your life, career and relationships. The other two packets taste good. Be careful after microwaving you may burn your tongue once in a while. These packages are experimental samples of breakfast for all survivors of current government in a post-liberal America. You will have to eat them to stay employed or alive in this country. The next government will not tolerate non-burrito eating population and takes serious measures. Feed the purple to whom you don’t like and ruin their lives some bad person may say and it is not me but seriously you could do it! Right? Hint. Hint. Bunaprti. Nice spelling! 28 Dec 20137:24 pm Hayward, California

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