Nokia Lumia 520 Notes 50 in A Wine Blog?

This post is from another blog I have on Food and Technology and the content is too relevant here AND I was asked to drag my old blogs like this one not new ones and I did. I tell a joke too. Russians say what I do is like this poet who can right very cool poems only when he dislikes someone and he only publishes them by paying some kid here or there to write his latest poem on a public bathroom wall hence the explosive excitement amongst public that a new poem was published and they bet os great and even better everyone wants to know WHERE was it published. Russians say depending on how much I dislike the subject of the poem, the kid is instructed to write the poem so many feet from the floor on the wall hence the lower and closer to floor the more intense for readers and they can feel our poet how much dislike (what a sentence. Like a poem! Ha Ha. It cannot be me. I no poet.) that is 100% mad in Russia joke and I am told they say they will get me for sharing it. Ha Ha again. I prefer to say the medium was destroyed by us! And thanks to Windows Mobile I can write on my blogs that have different logins. Would you believe I couldn’t write on wine since I reactivated my wine blog because Android like iOS thinks WordPress is used by kids and allow minimum abilities for user. Windows is like Blackberry was. Power at your finger tips.

And Saturday ends. I am tired. My body has begun adjusting. After a day of dealing with wine bottles and boxes so much has changed. First of all, I begin to remember a lot. It is said by scientists that if we learn something well it can never be unlearned and lack of use pushes the contents to back of the mind. It comes back fast because this knowledge exists in a cluster. I run into all kinds of wine things and my brain works hard remembering everything it knows about this one and that one. In a couple of days loads of wine (tales?) will flow through my mind. It is all back soon. I need a quick review because I am anal and will be afraid there are some blanks I would know and not filled. Being anal is not fun but unhappiness is the new business and cultural trend ahead so I guess I will be normal. Lol? I have however changed my approach toward wine. I cannot say I got yelled at because I was only given a message containing an angry message how I did not follow the instruction I was given to go to every tasting and I ended up not where I ought to be. I keep a low profile for a few days and is forgotten. I am also done blogging. I can write a book of very cool and valid information on what I know of blogging etc and I am confident I don’t blog any more. I just write stuff anywhere and somehow gets read by same people which brings me to the point I missed once. I was instructed by my university advisers how not to rewrite and not organize and so on. They wanted me to write raw anywhere and I was so anal I had to pack everything within categories and subjects. I couldn’t let go BUT things have got out of hand so much that all my blogs have destroyed their original objectives. No wonder food and technology fit in same blog so well now!!! They wanted no blogging and a lot of writing. That is university thought. Today, I am told I was asked not to start my flashy new blogs and stick my stuff in same old blogs. That is nostalgia for people asking who are wine industry friends and a new way to look at wine writing. I guess is like when artists destroy their medium after so much training and dedication because style demands violating it all. My work has grown to much and not only is not mine but too many others lay claim to because of the time and sweat they put into following the stuff and harassing me in what to write as if theirs. It is theirs too. Secondly the medium is destroyed. Lets just leave it at that. It has been too long since I was a blogger. I am a monster by literary standards. The people whom say that at NYT say I have written so much as I do that too many people have such strong opinions of my stuff they cannot be shut up if they get to start talking. Where is the medium? It was destroyed. Whatever happens is a sort of battle amongst angry literary and intellectual types regardless of their day jobs and I stand alive in the middle of this mess. Case in point is what does this post have to do with Nokia Lumia? Well… I needed this background to state what a good idea it is to have a phone like Nokia Lumia 520 BECAUSE when I break it and is easy at this job I just buy another one. That is what a work phone ought to be. It is too small however. I have to check if Nokia backs up all like blackberry used to. Then I just get a new $70 SUPERPHONE and I am not kidding. If I can restore all, this is the perfect phone for business (but is too small too. Same six screen as iPhone? Not for business). 21 Dec 2013 5:57 McArthur at Oakland, California

Post Created on Nokia Lumia 520 WordPress App

Post Created on Nokia Lumia 520 WordPress App


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