Do We Have To Call Names And Pick Fights With Big People? May Be We Do. May Be We Do.

I have had so many blogs. I have been doing my writings via various mobile devices and rarely get a chance to look at the web-based set ups. I have to scroll down my blog lists to find Wine by Cush and write a post. I am using a different user for other blogs on my Android device hence don’t write as much when mobile on this blog. I did start a hidden blog under that user so I can keep journals on wine. That is done on my mobile device but I am too busy to remember this blog when I am mobile for now.

I am at the coffee shop again today. I did not want to to go to campus though is Sunday and I normally go to the library to study. Summer is depressing on campus during the weekends. There is nobody around. The bookstore and other resources are closed. The library is open for four hours and basically deserted. I don’t care to be there today. Fortunately, I have begun using my Chrome book and can study anywhere. That is a blessing BUT today I don’t feel like studying. My roommate leaves next week which is not a problem but I probably won’t see the kid any more except a few times a year at best. I hate to think he will grow up in the great State of California and where we are. This is a shit-hole but we have to say is great. Kids should not grown up in California anywhere except a few places that are controlled closely. They should not go to American public schools at all. That will change in a few years as this country turns around but for now is a trap and an opening to hell. We also had changes at work. Crime is swallowing San Francisco. Our company has been dying and just like the City of San Francisco once was being lost to the 1% when Gavin was kicked out, our company also has used the same salvation. Local East Asian gangs are so secretive that gang members are never tried in court for being gang members. They are charged and tried for single crimes. The Family Associations have expanded power greatly since Ed Lee was knighted by Getty ownership of San Francisco to replace the beleaguered Gavin in exchange for partial ownership of the City. Our company brought its own rescue teams. A big fight ensued between the law and the righteous business. The business lost and have been tossing suspected loyal one by one BUT only to replace them with no-name equals. Tomorrow is the beginning of one such transition. I am more down than up regardless of successes. A troublesome roommate no more but the cost may be bore by a four year old kid indefinitely. An entire layer of criminals and pseudo-criminals gets removed only to be instantly replaced by fresh faces thanks to the criminals who run righteous Southern businesses. We use plan B in both cases to damage control but it is still not happy times.

I was looking at the local newspaper restaurant section. The articles interest me. A long time ago when I was part of this kind of thinking I took many of these people and places and events seriously. Times have changed. I moved on and began new adventures. I learned more and more and more about marketing and promotions. Today, I am more into marketing than the substance of the field. I am in several fields. The paper looks different today. I used to care what the authors said. I used to value gradual changes in the field. I used to do many things. Today, I see the same paper as a completely different publication. The food section is not about food at all. It is pure marketing now. I no longer feel irked how bad the writings of the senior food writer are. They seem fine. They seem okay. They seem great. He markets products, people and places. Who cares the quality of the writing and substance is so low. The names need promotion. That is all there is. I go through item after item and everythings seems fine. They are more than fine. That is what they are supposed to be. The food section is a vehicle for promoting names and whatever else of this market as possible. That is all it is. Advertising disguised as hard core serious food writing. Do I feel bad? No. I think is great. The writing in these pages has never amounted to anything. They are beyond worthless. They have been scarry. Do I feel bad I can see them as promotional pieces and nothing else? No. I do promotions. I am into marketing. The products, services, people, companies and what not I have to deal with and am involved with are what they are. My interests are improved by further marketing. I once aspired to learn to do well in the business. Research says one hour study of a subject makes one a top 5% of the field after three years. I have done more than that in my current field. Has it paid off? I can sell things. I can sell anything in the field. I can write. I can author books. I can publish blogs. I can make videos of such content. I can make a TV show of such content. What is left? Marketing. Promotion. The learning part not only went too well but is too much. What is left for someone or a business that is well developed in the field is marketing, promotions and more marketing. That is the next stage. That is all there is. I don’t think the local paper is such a waste and such a trash because of the absence of substance. I think is great. I have been away from the field for a while. in technical fields one loses 25% of knowledge for every year absent. That is an industry average. Is wine the same? I would say six months of moderate going around and around and I am back on top of all things not just some. Should I continue to learn? Should I build my knowledge and skills? Of course, but where would that take me? I don’t think very far. What would take me places is marketing. It is promotions. It is what the local food section of paper does and pretends to be something else. That is it. Getting names, products, businesses, people into public more and better makes all the difference and our local publications do that well. That is all they do. They deliberately avoid anything else. Industry awards shower these writers and articles. I used to complain how dishonest these national industry awards were. May be they are not. May be we misunderstand what industries are about. May be they are supposed to pretend and get other things done. May be! I really don’t care. At this point, I do what I am to do more and often. Soon I will be fully active in the industry and? I have to do this one and that one and this other one and so on BUT I will be able to get more results. My labors produce and what I was taught produced results however more is needed and may be we have that available. The great popular and trade publications that print nothing of substance but sure print a lot and often have something to offer. They promote and market you well. That may be all they do but they do. I can use that. It is a fortunate thing they serve some purpose for all their shortcomings. And will they be of help? Of course not. They need motivation. They will get it. That is not always a good thing. Years ago, when I was first arriving, the gentlemen at the Department of State would not give me a visa. They were informed by their Israeli partners who i was they said. Soon a few gentlemen from the Department of Army visited them and gave them such a beating that is worth remembering in the annals of our government. I received my visa after the one week delay of course. They were motivated. Will the paper and other media which print nothing of substance but do heavy and hard marketing and promotions while pretending is substance be of help in promotion and marketing I do? I think is fair to assume they will say the Gettys have called and told us who you are and we won’t give you publicity. Okay. How long will the delay be? One week? Two weeks? Motivation is available and will be offered. The paid persons of legal or business standing whom do for the owner class have little status in other circles. That is where motivation comes from should it be needed? Will it be needed? We shall find out. We shall. 28 July 2013


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