My Day Of Eating…..

Today was the day. After a week of commute in hell I have a day off. The strike is over but too late. I have begun switching my moves already. An advantage of a day off is one can eat. It is not that I didn’t eat this week but what one eats, how much, when and how varies. Today I am required to eat a lot by my so called doctors. The details are boring but at least once a week I am directed to overeat. Emergency bathroom visits are one result but the body definitely cleanese itself I tell you that much. I couldn’t eat Indian though this location is very highly recommended because of the quality of the ingredients, etc. I get sick as in feels good sick. I need to plan a day off to eat there. The Asian buffet is convenient and I dutifully overeat. That was my day. Exciting and as one of my college professors used to write on my papers "so what?" And what is my point anyway?

I naturally get sat by the host as always but something interesting took place today. I have sat all over the place or parts of dining rooms but never here. I sat at the last dining room subsection and something very interesting took place. I always begin with what food is closet to my seating area and go on. Eventually, I would find Sushi and do a sort of tasting. Today, I was for the first time sitting where is closest to Sushi which is one of the far corners. I had a choice right there. Begin with Sushi or whatever! I started with Sushi and not a tasting this time. I was thinking I eat Sushi and Sushi and Sushi AND taste some of the other food too for flavor but not eat much! Since I am required to overeat, I began with Sushi and kept eating and eating and eating. I later realized how much I hate this medical stuff. Bathroom! Bathroom! Bathroom! Where is one anyway? That was a very interesting. I changed what I eat and a few other details based on how close I was to what. I have added this to my thoughts. I wonder how proximity affects what we eat and how much and who knows what else. I am thinking. 5 July 2013

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