Polish That Facade OR Else They Said Once

I wish I had an app for this blog. The stupid Android app for WordPress won’t let me log into multiple blogs with multiple users. I think I keep a culinary journal as I do with many other things I keep journals on. I had the worst McChicken Sandwiches ever made by McDonalds yesterday. That is culinary talk. In San Francisco, you have too brag, show off and promote. That is it. There is no industry to have a health. It is a facade of all kinds of people selling all kinds of eat and drink. What is there to do for a fake facade but keep it polished and presentable. What culinary talk? Some of the better and even best chefs and wine people have been ostracized and driven from the City mostly to wine country but also Vegas and New York just because of that. They went culinary and what said was not exactly polishing the facade. What skills? They had to go. The trend continues after departure. It is said SF pays to reduce them so cannot damage City biz from the distance. Let’s face it. Too many hate San Francisco and hope burns to ground one day. And we in the culinary talk world have one idea of why! The City biz suck too much. It is okay to suck but too much? Anything bad happens to them and too many cheer. So much for the lovely City of San Francisco. I am told the Long tooth in City Hall is mad today. He tried plan B this morning. After heavy and damaging political attack, pretend nothing happened and show up to shake hands. They told him as one big asshole I am I don’t accept messages and not only have a trash bin for most arriving messages that I have one specifically from the Mayor. His messages arrived somewhere. I love the back door political communication system. Times have changed. It was only a couple of years ago that Chief of Police would show up with his entrage to scare competition moving into SF. They should see the Mayor. He is something. I don’t think I am considered a crime boss or pest any more. What is lost is lost. They admit that. I am now part of the City. I may roam as I wish. I can work where I want and I always insulted anybody I wanted. Now, they want to be friends. That is messages coming in. Sorry. I know a lot of expatriates from SF who did nothing but not polish the facade. We are a long way from friends. We have completely brand new government organizations created since last I did Culinary talk in SF. They are shaping fast. They are good. They visit a lot of people too. Polish that facade they say. I left my heart in San Francisco to say or else they say. I need an app to damage good. Apps are good. I don’t like emailing posts. And I demanded apologies for this rain or else to you all. I guess SF are not the only unreasonable assholes around. 25 June 2013


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