Welcome To Sauce World

It is Saturday. My burrito diet is ending. I am afraid to joke beans need other things to be whole proteins AGAIN. It was fun the first time but serious medical professionals are also killers. Once? Twice won’t go unpunished. One day I may be remembered as a very famous lab rat monitored by interested medical minds. The pursuit of healthy. We leave it at that. I am doing better now. I won’t mention the various causes I have championed to prove my doctors are right and everybody else is wrong but they do keep me super healthy eating a lot of garbage with okay foods. Oil Is Food is what they call it. They say Americans eat a lot of trash but complain about oils when they are so healthy. And what is of all this? Behold sauces. They were right. All that stuff DID turn into some kind of sauce. That is the future. I have called medical professionals of access to me criminals before and think has had some accuracy. Today, they begin a new experiment. The theory is sauces are more important than so much of our food. I was authorized to buy what I want and put them in there and as usual tastes great I bet though the recepie will be WTF went in there? Sauces. A giant step for mankind. At least, whoever cannot run away. P.S. I only associate with good people or they end up in trouble sooner or later. Doctors can be good people. Believe it or not is the conclusion. Sauces. Think sauces. Your health in there. I hate the camera of my tablet. Hard to capture colors…… 22 June 2013


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