I Am Back. He Is Here.

I am back.

I am glad to be here amongst many whom know me and need their jobs and businesses so cannot run. One thing about solid and healthy industries is the many things established over time that just wont go away. This is common in many countries in established industries and French come to mind as the universal example for established standards in food and beverage industries. Some countries have no established industries and others copy the good ones. At the other end of the spectrum is a place where some fake things and fight anyone that theirs is real and as good as the best because they can make money that way and that is why industries and standards exist, is it not? In places such as the last mentioned, eventually independent minds and sometimes mouths stand up and question what goes on. This is our tale today in food and beverage industry in America and more specifically in Northern California. The only thing organized here is what to do in order to keep the flow of money in. On this point, they fight anyone and everyone. One may say San Francisco restaurant establishment members operate like criminals defending turfs as source of revenues. Sadly they are often part criminal and part business people. Last time, I was around I kicked the shit out of the industry and the City Hall. They lost a mayor and would be governor and drew attention from afar. Once upon a time, I was told how FBI appreciated my writing style in exposing criminal business people and sought to promote it and their approach was live someplace far from crime center and take jabs at them while government held your back. That became standard for a lot of people making trouble by writing and I am found residing far enough so if San Francisco blows up today, the pieces wont fall here. Indeed I was there yesterday where was cold and cloudy and half way home the sun and clear sky made the day interesting for a second time. We are far. There is also the tale of an Italian restaurant owner suggesting to the City to get me out to stop. Those were the old days. Were they good old days? It does not matter. I am done with writing to make trouble nationwide and have to become Normal person while some worlds here locally end. I am back. There are many tales around me. They say I am protected person and DA will be interested in all persons seeking to violate my rights for directing pinpointing them in mad writing. Others say a notable celebrity who is world reknowned for being outspoken against all kinds of systems including America and San Francisco told the City, I ought to be given same level of protection as he is hence have my own team when in the City. Then others say big money never cared what I say or do but that I set trends and that is extremely dangerous to them hence lots of money goes there. And there is rumors how the once beleagured underground citizen movement known to some as Revolutionaries have grown stronger and bolder in the shadow of our resilience and are growing exponentially. Most of all they tell me the standard for fear has changed because of my irrational conflicts with the local establishment and everyone has grown in some way in fighting back what they deemed fearsome once. What do I have to say myself? I have brought troops this time. The last sheriff once sent me word to bring my aircraft too as in airforce in sign of power. He is a rebel himself and very supportive of us! They hit him what everyone gets hit by once or more! Sell out. We all have our no-sale points and China still lacks a lot of things including the ability to get at our officials or ex officials for what reason hence we have another rebel that wont go anywhere and will F you on any occasion arising. I am back. I have to do stuff while Rome burns or explodes under military aircrafts passing over. There was word today of a surprised General whom did not believe that our forces would strike our own targets. The story tells Pentagon will disable most of the military functionality while a small portion does the job. The question of the moment was if that is the strategic choice? The answer was no. That is cheaper for some of the bosses would have heart attacks if US military was mobolized to take out Obama and his cronies. That is unbelievably expensive hence a small detachment will do. In such times and such news, I am left no choice but to return and labor amongst my friends in San Francisco while a lot of things are said to happen. I have many friends in San Franciasco food and beverage and some may ask dont they want you dead? The answer is some do but does not mean we are not friends. Someone once said I am so political that I have allies amongst ghosts and aliens and that is not all. They say I take action steps when needed for my ghost buddies from some story are in good position politically just in case we need them in another story suitable for our purposes. I have a lot of friends in San Francisco and a few browses, cut marks, and black eyes do not make them less of friends now as before.Sometimes they are glad to know even us. I am Normal. I am back. I will behave as Normal do but one thing has changed. There no longer is any such a thing as food and beverage industry. I aint playing that one. Benefit of a doubt is gone. These nice folks are all lying. They have no standards. They do it for money and cheat and lie anyway they can. We wont call this mess however organized an industry. There will be an industry when troops pass through your businesses and leave what insurance wont pay for behind. Arent you glad I am back. Be nice or you get it. I just came back from a War. The Generals in this one say I was kicked out because I am too violent. We do whine soon. I was an expert last time I was here. Eat me. 16 June 2013


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