Twice-cooked Chicken (Cooking)

Last time I cooked chicken it was breast. This time I got whole chickens and frankly I was neither interested in boiling nor roasting. Last time, when I put the breasts in the oven, I also added a cooked chicken leg from previous cooking. By the time the breasts were ready, this leg was cooked crisp again and tasted full of flavors. The crisp and dry chicken had intense flavor compared to boiling or roasting. I have heard of twice-cooked pork (pig) but twice-cooked chicken? Internet was no help. The recipe I found basically browned the chicken as cooking once. I tried my own recipe. Since fat is wasted when boiling, I stripped all the fat. The salted chicken was washed and went in the pot with a big onion in its cavity. Since I was out of Rosemary, basil and parsley were added!!! I added bay leaves and the remainder of the dried red chili peppers. The chicken cooked well and I used sliced potatoes and onions that were roasted once as pan bed. The skins went on top of chicken to moisten the meat and it was turned over once. A bunch of whole garlic cloves went in before roasting also. The whole thing turned brown, crispy, dry and full of flavor. I save my cooking for next day and beyond. I also threw the tiny Farmer John pork links I disliked (experimental) this morning on a bed of sliced uncooked potatoes. The result was delicious. I have four more whole chickens to go. I have a feeling I know how they get cooked. Twice-cooked is good. I think they bury the pig in that recipe. Mine cooks with tiny flavor and roasts for maximum flavor. I am sure rosemary would add plenty also. A little vegetable oil was added to the uncooked potatoes.

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