Sausages and Potato Gratin (Snapshot)

I did plenty of chicken cooking two days ago but was so much work I could care less to take photos. That turned out well. These sausages look good. That is breakfast for a few days. It took a long time to bake in the oven and I wonder how is. I find out tomorrow. The potatoes turned out great as they do with the chicken I cook this way. I tell people is potato gratin and since tastes so good nobody disagrees. It feels so American to peel and slice potatoes and layer them to cook in the juices and fat of chicken or sausages and call it potato gratin. Fake is what American is in too many cases. I like my potato gratin. Would you like some. They are so good I think I make a tone of potatoes this way and bake them. That beats boiled potatoes.

Written on Blackberry Curve WiFi-only Handset


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