Are You Sure You Want Me To Review This Restaurant? (Short Piece)

It has been months but finally came through. A long long time ago, I signed up for a dining evaluation thing. It was more of a joke. When I was asked in the online form which of their employees had recommended me, I put “George W. Bush.” I was always passed for evaluation and why not? Isn’t this an excuse to feed your friends? Surprise. $30 reimbursement and $25 for reviewing this place? I felt so bad reading it. They don’t know who I am. I am actively arm wrestling with someone at work and heard a story how someone beat him but was gracious enough to tell him afterwards he was a professional arm-wrestler. What if it? I do a little bit of restaurant reviewing too. The top dog in San Francisco is MB (keep him incognito as he likes) and probably one of the top 5 most disliked people in the history of San Francisco for how he operates. I heard a story that when being accused of being strict and a downright bastard, MB claimed he was not that bad and that he knew of this top chef in San Francisco that was stricter and a bigger bastard. A follow up story says the said chef claims he is not that bad at all. There is this guy named Cush that writes stuff about restaurants that a bigger bastard than him and even stricter than him. I could care less and if true, well F both of them. They are both okay if somebody else is nit-pickier. But there is some truth to the story and frankly I think we all have in common is if there is something we don’t like, we won’t let go. That can ruin a happy fake operation. On the other hand, our chef friend as strict as may be gave huge margin of error to some low-level staff I happened to know in his operation so a screw up won’t be written off because of lack of opportunity. It is what he doesn’t like that kills people. The anonymous MB may be the last person who cares yours truly says or does but did acknowledge that independents can have a hard time against the criminal-minded operators out there and happens to have given plenty of 1 and 2 stars to places I happened to clash for professional reasons. It is what he doesn’t like. I guess all bastards are not bastards. They are difficult people but can be fair and understanding. Today when I saw this email I realized how sad it was to ask me to review seriously (and turning a blind eye is not okay as I can when on my own. Ignore and bye bye the $55!) when I AM a little strict with standards. I will never play with any of them even as a joke. That also reminds me I should write a few reviews soon…..

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