Roast That Chicken And Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You! (Reflection)

I had a very productive day. Besides making a lot of people mad by my writings and blowing the whistle on how government uses identity theft and so on to rob and ruin finances of anyone not liked (it is Bradley Manning Day and we have to give him some credit.) I finally installed a lot of round rocks in my fish tanks. That project was almost over and is now over to be over again soon when plants get installed. I guess some projects keep ending. Now, I am down to my last item. I finally did learn how to roast a whole chicken well thanks to Youtube. It was easier than the easy recipe I had found. Wash whole chicken, salt and pepper inside out, cut wing tips, insert fresh Rosemary and Thyme under skin and push deep before tying with kitchen ties and roast at 425 for 45 minutes. My found recipe buttered the bird and stuck a big onion in its ass before tying it. I am not known for believing people so just to test it I am cooking two legs. I layered potato slices but no sauce. Washed legs, salt and peppered, dry rosemary under skin and sliced onions and put all over for absorbing and taste just like the big onion. Let’s see how it turns. All goes well, this beats my regular chicken cooking which takes forever and messy. I tossed a couple of sausages in there too just to see. I think it will turn out well. And yes I know I have been a bad person by divulging proprietary information to public today but then again that is my information to manage as I please. Once it arrives at me, it no longer is subject to standard rules. That is one reason I have never ever read my reports because I don’t want to know. The other is normal flow of information within government has plenty of crap like SF Chronicle article today. I stop and release whatever I deem necessary. That is part of my job. Watch your money.

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