How Many Honest Retail/Food Will Be Around in A Couple Of Years? (Short Piece)

Are the prices high or are they high? The last time I remember a rise in prices was back in the 90s. Interest rates used to be extremely high which means money cost too much to borrow. Prices were adjusted for how much money was around. As soon as interest rates started to slide (larger money supply), the prices jumped. One year car prices started at $5500 and next year was $7500! The interest rates were lower now which meant higher prices were okay given public still had X-amount of dollar for monthly payments.

Shoppers complaining about sales not being good deals and still spending money? Sac Bee says so. Yes, the sales are tricky and not good. Economy has not changed for two years though the public mood has. Less and less people talk about recession but know is there. I wrote a couple of years ago not raising prices for restaurants that January was a good idea not to scare public. That is history now and prices have gone up since then. The word back then was our esteemed restaurateurs were mad for the money they had lost and had plans how to make up for it. I really liked that perspective. Anybody who reads the food media has a wrong view of the industry. Our SF folks felt how much they were owed by the public for doing their business and wanted the “losses” made up for. That is not what public think of aspiring and cool folks in food business with all their troubles and doing kind food service while barely making it. Anyway that has passed too but have prices in retail and food gone up? You bet you. A burrito costs how much? A good burger costs how much? And the list goes on without going into fancy stuff that are priced as one pleases. Prices have gone up and deals are garbage. Black Friday was so much TALK this year and the number of items in deals are probably 1 versus 100000 for regular prices. “Hype” is a good term. The industries are built on crap foundation. The underlying assumptions no longer hold and retail/food still want money the old way. How much damage will food trucks do? The market has changed. Fighting it turns the trend into a monstrous crash on top of the industry. What about crime? It is in fashion and increasing exponentially. The “losses” are inevitable though we ignore. Has the market changed or what? Do we have better foundation for the industries? That is a laugh. Same sellers with same attitude except now are pissed too! Raising prices is one way to get even. Fake sales are another. Stealing fron taxes, the employees and whoever is another. And where is it to stop. The market may have changed and easy money-making fronts are no longer easy but the “bossman” does not care. WE OWE HIM/HER TO SPEND. That is a given. My guess is retail/food go criminal all the way. Anything illegal that pays goes. People I know would turn heads and say “they already do that!” I say now they go into money laundering, faking books, and who knows what AS THE MAIN BUSINESS. The retail/food is now only a front and what illegal was a side biz becomes main biz! Damn, it is so important to make X number of dollars regularly. How long before this trend takes over 100% and what can be done against it for industries that are old and weak but not that bad to go criminal ALL THE WAY?


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