Food Trucks Can Be Too Great An Experience (Reflection)

Sacramento Bee Sunday edition has good articles. I never thought of food trucks as way to bring culture to all communities. Food trucks are such great ideas beyond being food trucks. A traveling circus of food trucks as an excuse to experience alternate cuisines? It probably would work but farmer’s market-style events make more sense. One can sample only a few cuisines in one day. Return trips are required. Restaurant lobby is going to fight food trucks through archaic municipal rules till the whole thing gets so big, it overwhelms the entire industry and not only won’t go away but will become a hostile alternative to greedy brick and mortar shops. Why not help them a little and save much headache down the road?


One comment

  1. Interesting and important article. I’ve been a fan of the nascent, yet growing, gourmet food truck selection here in Dallas.

    Like everywhere, they fight restrictions put upon them by the politically connected owners of Brick-and-Mortar restaurants. While the life of a restaurant owner is a tough one and they have my sympathy, I think that the growth of food trucks will simply get more folks in the habit of eating out and will ultimately help the restaurant business.

    What is happening in Dallas is that a lot of events realize that a line of Food Trucks will guarantee a big crowd and a number of non-restaurant establishments (there is even a jewelry chain that lets trucks use their parking lot) use the trucks to draw customers.

    Thanks for sharing.

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