San Francisco Needs More Retail Stores of The Right Type NOW (Advice)

Today is Wednesday. The temperatures have dropped. We receive shipments on Wednesdays and new planogram so is a waste of a day. I wore my jeans again (and believe it or not that is dress code) so I don’t ruin my pants. I could say a lot of things are done wrong here thus $13 stock price and obvious question would be if it is bad, why don’t you go somewhere else! Everytime this question has come up and I have changed, so many good things have happened to me. That is my history. Retail is boring and hard in many ways. Tourists have a hard time believing there is hardly a store to buy a computer in entire San Francisco except for Best Buy and our chain. Stores sell garbage in abundance. The cost of doing business in cities such as San Francisco is too high and everyone is driven away. The city is very hostile to some types of businesses also. Corruption is at the heart of it. Where would you look to see physical signs? You have to be connected to the interior flow of City information and you would be amazed. Everything physically present is justified and locals ignore as okay. On a more positive notes, I am assured the present City administration are no Gavin Newsom-likes and at least have interest in San Francisco being equal to other major world cities. Enough of fake shops and robber businesses. Most specialty stores are huge rip-offs. Why? The only way to make money is to be a business that either sells perceived value or simply rip off. Sounds like we are talking about Fisherman’s Wharf businesses. It is the entire city. Fashion, boutiques, clohing, restaurants and so on. What thrives in San Francisco has little cost versus high selling price and lots of complaints about labor costs and so on. Majority of these items are not worth a fraction of their costs but sell thus they can do business here. San Francisco needs plenty of stores simply because the products and services are needed. Most camera stores are gone. What is left is neighborhood, super specialty and absolute rip-off. What kind of world class city is this? If it was not for the darn Apple store (high specialty and straight rip off anyway), one would be lost looking for anything that hints of world class besides clothing stores and some chain stores. San Francisco needs a good amount of work in this area to be a world class city. There has to be at least a few of each major type of chain stores around. That will serve some need and brings small competition that takes care of the needs unattended. The combination of such businesses will rank this dirty old City as world class again as most would agree. My own personal advice is if and when such happens make sure to hire only those NOT LIVING in San Francisco AND never hire Macintosh-users. Sounds like superstition but if in the field they are rules-of-thumb that truly hold and make worlds of difference. I included a picture of my shoe so you have something to gripe about. Believe it or not there are those who believe I owe business advice to them so they make money. The shoe is for them. Abstract advice: Go figure it out.


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