Food Arts June 2011 (Mention)

Food Arts arrives wrapped in plastic and is such a nice publication I would not dare say they are pretentious. Everything is very sharp and neat down to the shrink wrap. June 2011 sat around for a while and it looked for the longest time the title on cover read Africa The Bountiful. I kept looking on the big cow on the cover for days thinking it is THEIR turn now. Somebody figured out Africa is good to exploit. I never thought beyond that until I ripped it open and gooood. It says America the bountiful. That was such a relief. We all know much about America being exploited and much is being done always to fight back. No need to worry a new front has opened and invaders are on the move. Business can be such an evil thing. I like the mention of Michael Bauer being wrong on declaring short ribs DOA. Bauer is big in his world of San Francisco Special Interest and his thoughts are much helped and shaped by local leftist politics. Meat lobby on the other hand recognizes not the supremacy of leftist lobby on matters of money-related. The two collided in some unknown plane and national lobby has more umph than local lobbies. The verdict: Short Ribs are not dead! They are here and GREAT. What do you know! Bauer didn’t know? I am glad the revolutionary movement has been folded. Obama was one last attempt to revive the system and is the final disaster. Revolutionary movement was strong in the failure of the system to redeem itself by granting African Americans and Hispanics citizenship in exchange for helping save the American rich from coming troubles. That was not the best solution and has been shelved. In lieu, we have the good old American reactionary response to all problems. I call it a coup d’etat for now. It is too early in recognizing its presence but when it arrives it is bye bye to leftist lobby thought machine and short rib special interest-likes. Why is it only people who know us very very very well acknowledge wholeheartedly how unbelievably effective we are at being dangerous? No foreign power would DARE to even to speak at the might that march at them (and they are in the know) but domestic trash scoff at the possibilities. Life is filled with sad events that could have been prevented. Special Interest? Power?


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