If I Was An Evil Ruler … (Short Piece)

I like this ad. Never mind the name but I go through this almost daily. I have to stop and remind people when I hear their idea of what food is what little if any nutritional value the food has. The less value, the cheaper and the more common. If I eat any of these more than once a month or so I will get yelled at by my doctors for not being a good Guinea Pig! I am supposed to eat for nutrition. The folks at JackInBox LOVE to get rid of me for eating the $1 chicken sandwiches and not the GOOD food there. I heard a lecture for eating fries once and was called a pig for drinking a red soft drink. Only nutrition counts. The truth is some are made to be healthier than others. I am one and why not keep a diet that fits our weaker people and pretend that is what keeps me healthy! Fools will follow my type of example. Why not help them? Great taste yes but I would highly doubt the nutritional value of the stuff in this photo. How about you? P.S. If I was an evil ruler of say America, I would feed the population this stuff and tell them of great taste AND nutritional value. I know how to be Great. We live in hell.


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