Good Old Shanken and George W. Celebrating Greatness (Short Piece)

I finished my copy of Market Watch. I think I read some but has too many photos of award winners! To be read. Shanken is losing his hair but is glad to be around one can tell. George W. Is featured in a kick-back series event. Aren’t the last days of a regime gloomy all the time? It is dictator of a banana republic having a ceremonial dinner with those who profited under them. And damn those rebels. They will never take the palace. Our guards and military are the best. We also pay every crook, murderer, low-life in the country (if not the world) to come to our aid. And they fall everytime. Grassroot support? Great dinner. Am sure everything is great. Food, drink, service, programs, guests, and you name it. THAT is why THEY fall. Everything is fake and biased to fit the Great criteria as defined by the regime. Just like is in America the Great. No mention of reality but selective biases. The new world is not Great. Has many flaws. But we can smoke Cuban cigars and whatever is bona fide quality that is banned in the name of not being Great and replaced by those fake that fit the Great. That is why nobody smokes cigars in America. They are banned! Government tells you what a cigar is! and nobody smokes the Great cigars. They would smoke the not Great cigars banned from the Great gala dinners however! And how does that make sense? Because America knows not what Great is. It needs to be told. Fake is Great. That is America today.


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