I Remember Her (Short Piece)

I ate at Tu Lan again today. Someone kept talking about there and I happened to find my way there. Today is my Friday and I am heading home. I have strange memories of Tu Lan. It seems like was a century ago when I was walking up one dirty street in San Francisco as a visitor (long before I was popular with City establishment!! Just kidding but long before.) where I remember some middle age woman with curly hair right in middle of sidewalk proclaiming to me how good the food is here. Ok. That is like a strange memory except as all personalities she had a face impossible to forget. It was I don’t know how long after I saw her on television and hey I have seen her before. That is ancient history but the menus at this place still have her pictures. I always eat the same dish but when I finally made up my mind it was ginger. I ate enough chicken not to crave it and ginger chicken was fine. Last week I discovered a way to make ginger palatable so I can eat in large quantities without bother. Cooking with chicken seemed to do it. Ginger not only tasted great but also was very different from fresh. I did think how Chinese cooking has plenty and today Vietnamese did the job. Ginger has many health benefits and I now can consume in quantities. Tu Lan dishes are very large and a little bit of rice. Food in good quality and quantity makes it a good destination. I will be back.

Written on Blackberry 8520 for the benefit of food, wine industry professionals


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