Finally My Chicken Starts to Kick Ass (

I had to do some cooking to do and why not. Reading recipes does affect one’s ability to do things. I would have never added honey to my chicken. Limes may be. Cook sausages with chicken? Add Paprika? Onions, garlic, salt, pepper, ginger and tomato paste would be likely however. Anyway the links I tried today have Haberno peppers (oooouch) and I laughed at the very hot warning. No kidding! The damn sausages are SOOOOO hot! The chicken on the other hand tastes SOOOO good! I finally found one of the main ingredients I was looking for: hotter spices. I will have to make twice as much every week. It tastes too good to last a few days. Also, I did use chicken legs in lieu of breast. I am told dark versus white meat makes a big difference. I think my recipe is more responsible. Nice dish. I had some Vihno Verde. Definitely did not match the food but did not clash either. Who cares! I don’t eat or drink to show off.

Written on Blackberry 8520 While Running Around Between Places

Written on Blackberry 8520 for the benefit of food, wine industry professionals


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