Time for Certified Dollar Stores Has Arrived (Short Piece)


Today is finally Friday. I expected to have time to type on my Netbook but just missed the direct train to San Francisco so I am typing away on my phone just in case I won’t have time when I get there to crash at a cafe and get some work done.

I was out in Mission street in San Francisco yesterday shopping when it occurred to me I could shoot a few clips of the store I was at and put on my Youtube. My Blackberry allows shooting and uploading but no editing. I even tried to trick the phone but did not work. I had to finish by merging the clips on a computer within Youtube. I like to keep things simple so I can do often and finish fast. Editing turned out harder than I had expected. The point of the clip was Discount City which is a Dollar Store on Mission and 25th is in fact a medium supermarket and not typical Dollar Store selling junk for $1. The space is large and well-lit. Everything is set up and organized very well. There is nothing that is not brand new out of a box. Plenty of each item are available and quality is very good. I admit I frequent other Dollar Stores based on proximity and the foam cups featured here were bought at one. I bring the two bags of twenty (each bag) 16 oz cups of top quality  to work for coffee. They cost $2. Walgreens sells smaller bags of cups for $3.99 a bag. That is $8 for coffee cups. Are they worth $8 or $2? A bag of coffee filters is $1. Kmart sold me for $4 or $5 last time and is same worthless filter. I can go down the list and they have them all.

What is a Dollar Store anyway? It depends whom you ask. I remember a long time ago a very loud person was asking a cashier how can the food items can be so cheap? The answer was “that is how much they are SUPPOSED to cost!” and makes great sense. I am hoping that everyone knows price of groceries changes from zip code to zip code based on how much locals are willing to pay and not value or cost! Safeway on Market and Church is reputed to have the highest costs in San Francisco because locals would only shop very local and are game. I admit Dollar Store are not such hot places to shop but Discount City has made me believe they can become. There has to be some standard for an acceptable Dollar Store which makes it equal to a supermarket at dollar prices. Someone suggested they should be Certified and given territories. That should proliferate them and not only accessible but also keeps them in business at excellent standards.

Another way to look at the whole thing is I once noticed how many Dollar Stores are located in specific areas. They were just supermarkets by third world standards. We may be in a first world country but parts of a city are third world locales and Dollar Store is their idea of a supermarket. And why not? We can all cheat and shop there if there is enough stores everywhere and certified to good standards for a third world supermarket aka Dollar Store. Will there be some stigma attached to shopping there? Probably. Then again Internet can help place an order to be delivered for say $10? Gone is the stigma. $50 of real merchandise from DS is worth a few hundred at a fashionable store!!! Personally, I sense nobody feeling a stigma attached with shopping there. They are just very fast and busy stores. I myself am accused of writing about dollar menus and dollar stuff to irritate people! My field of specialty of fine dining and exotic wines centers on luxury and waste. I am expected to promote such and am accused of such reviews as this to irk some people but frankly I think those who opt for luxury will use such stores as much as anyone with little accommodation. Standards make the critical difference and certifying them should do it. I WANT THIS TO GET STARTED NOW OR I AM COMING AFTER ALL of you. That is better. Now, it will be done.

Written While Moving Around on Blackberry Curve

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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