White Faces Apply Here Only Please! (Short Piece)

Today is Saturday and a day off. Yesterday was hot enough for summer and today is cloudy but 10% chance of rain which means no rain. The summer or spring weather returns tomorrow.

I did a little cooking and some eating before heading out to do my laundry. Coffee and maple bar are next door so a second breakfast was inevitable. The TV is showing a dog show and all is quiet. I think I do some light shopping. My winter clothes have to retire very soon and pays to upgrade the wardrobe starting now. I am very sure I will be changing jobs soon. I just realized the other day I have been on this job for 14 months! That is how long it took me to get a bachelor degree once I transferred into a university. I had not expected to be on this job for more than one year at the most. I think it is time to return to my main field of food and wine. I am told the government has been working very hard at whiting America since I was in restaurant business three years ago. I will be an unfamiliar face working in a restaurant regardless of qualifications. Since Obama went to office, a new class of Americans were created: the African Americans who are White. As long as they play along, they are rewarded up to the point of being treated as whites. What of the rest? They are the new minority. Generation Y provides enough cheap and young labor to man or woman all front offices of America with White faces even where they traditionally did not dominate and just in case there is ample supply of white Blacks to fill up. Anyone who does not play right and or resembles those who do not, is out. America has no room for anyone who is not All American. The new white Black class will provide plenty of backup population to keep America All American. And what if you are from Middle East and accustomed to better jobs of an ostentatious industry? That is a laugh. Competence always had little to do with American business and politics or crime is what it takes to participate.

That is what I am thinking today. It just happens that because of my affiliations, anyone I have any kind of problems with will be automatically subject to a heap of trouble by the government. So how does my case fit in this new world? It does not. It rips through it with a vengeance. It is interesting how things turn out when little people and nobodies make DECISIONS that will turn out to affect those bigger than them. Crushed is the word for what they will get. It is no secret I have finished my field work and no longer have to live and conduct as an irregular person. The fact remains nobody outside small circles of knowing people has any idea what I am talking about. The consequences of my situation will have meaning in the future. Everything is fine for now for everyone but not for long. They think they can make decisions that make things not fine for others. They have to be very careful for one wrong person hurt and who knows what they will get in retaliation.


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