The End-of-the-American-Boss (Short Piece 34)



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Today is Sunday and I am off. This week has been unusual. Christmas shopping week meant a day off Friday, early morning Saturday and day off Sunday. I work next week and taking care of shopping things fast. I expect many changes soon and am glad I have to be out-of-the-way when many happens because they don’t require my presence anyway. I think I will be able to do random traveling soon which is very good for my work. I am only on my 4th bottle of wine and feel this system works well and bringing me back into the field rapidly. I have collected many Bart tickets by using my spare-change system and they cover the first leg of a local wine country trip. I have no desire to go anywhere in our present weather and will continue to collect more tickets. That should be productive also. I have 4 bottles of Spanish wines waiting for me and look forward to them because Spain has much to offer and I have had less contact than other regions. I expect to buy two or three bottles each week at the minimum to replenish my system and think that will turn its own way because it is too easy to order a dozen different wines online and check them later. We will see how this goes. I am almost done with a bottle of Bardolino and feel like saying nothing and moving to the next bottle until my brain starts talking about that bottle. I feel I will be back in wine field very fast but don’t know what the field will look like. Too many things are happening nationally and locally that are not covered by the news. I wonder what restaurant industry culture will be like after the massive downfalls that are coming their way. Social change does not compensate for the need to make money in business or how the local who-is-who think things should be done. That is the least to say because many of the people in business will simply be barred from owning or running business establishments if not owning property outright. Sounds like an anarchist fantasy but all soft remedies to the social problems and political situations have failed and time for hard responses is drawing close fast. There is not much I can say except many people will be very mad, angry and the entire mood of the industry changes once they are pushed out of the society. Personally, I think they should have thought about things better when they treated people such as myself and many others as not important and decided on matters based on who-thought-who was significant. It may have been easy to pay off politicians, public officials and even use the local police force as a paid security force to maintain business practices but the time for that has passed also. The new system will violently kill and wipe out all the hard elements within all these organizations leaving “those who pay for services and protection” with no support. The process will continue and will not stop there and its most important characteristic is this new social change respects nothing hidden under the American flag. There is no regard because of we are all Americans, I am an American citizen, I have lived here all my life, this is the American Way, we have always done it this way, we just let you talk all you want and pay to get what we want behind your back and so on. Violence is an alternative that has been sanctioned by the government and one of its early manifestations is the destruction of the local and central institutions that support the existing establishment. Those who-work-for-pay are supposed to be the back-up for the lack of effectiveness on the part of the government to provide for the rich and elite. They are immediate targets and I expect not one person who provides services for pay to survive. Those in government may or may not be as responsible as accused of and their ending is subject to discussion. Those in private industry who think they are some kind of security, police or intelligent force for hire will be wiped out. Failure of the government to function properly is one thing but the outright behavior by private elements to act as institutions of power and authority for pay is not subject to any questions. The rebels will do away with them without hesitation. That will leave the present industry in a world where law has to be obeyed and nobody cares if they get rich and famous and their interests don’t count as shit. Germans encouraged us to use a model similar to theirs in which the business interests are NOTHING and government truly holds the power. There will be no more who-is-who getting together to discuss and make decisions. Someone from government can be everywhere and anywhere listening and outright telling them what they can and cannot telling them what they can do. All those who have a problem with such system will be long dead during the downfall of the United States of America. I am sure tens of thousands of important folk in our government and industry have something to say about such claims but force and destruction will eliminate the need for their statements. The change in government will violently do away with them and their importance. I am just curious what kind of restaurant industry will be left in this new world. Almost everyone is mad and angry over their losses and nobody can do things the way they want because it is their business and they are the boss and I know so and so and I pay to get such and such. We shall see soon. In the mean time, I will continue with my drinking wine bottle after bottle and recording my insights to be followed by trips to vineyards and wineries until the entire political world we know has collapsed and resurrected in a different spirit.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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