My Cloudy Friday and Local Tastings (Reflection 46)


Today is Friday and the last day of this week. Clouds are everywhere and I am carrying a jacket. That is a sharp difference from Tuesday and 100 degree weather. It has cooled down daily and is back to normal San Francisco weather and looks like will stay this way for a few more days. I cleaned up my twitter and think will be able to read everything posted by whom I follow. Twitter in its pure form is a Microblog and great for broadcasting if one knows which broadcast sources to follow. I use text messaging to follow very select list of those I follow but since everything tweeted showed up in my twitter app on my other phone I had a hard time reading thus finally chopped down to essentials. I hate to admit one criteria was whomever tweets a lot had to go because they join a river of tweets and if not essential turned into clutter. I also grouped my stuff into two lists of food and wine versus wireless and technology. That helps me focus on what I am following also and what sources are better. I read the same sources at different times but twitter is a good little update in real time if something important takes place. I am doing my best to attend wine tastings also. Some local shops have excellent events on regular basis that are commercial but valuable. I am trying to attend them until I have packed more of these events into my schedule. This week I am due at Puglia Tasting and so far had to put it off until today which is the last day and hopefully I will go. I would call that an interesting tasting since Puglia is not a fashionable nor significant wine region. I heard Salice Salentino can be quite good but only if very recently bottled. What I have found in US has been reserve which is okay but never impressed me to share anybody’s enthusiasm. Primitevo is okay to me but not a memorable grape to me. Trebbiano is however on top of my list. I think Trebbiano should be promoted for what it does. What is that? I think some grapes will be appreciated more while others will be avoided more if one deeply looks into a sample grape such as Trebbiano. I have therefore adopted Trebbiano as a favorite grape for reasons beyond basic. I have to admit nobody will ever join me in this interest but I find it stimulating.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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