Has the Last Days of SFGate Finally Arrived? (Reflection 45)



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Today is Sunday and I did my laundry this morning. That felt good since I enjoy doing my stuff and putting them in order and getting it over with. Since today is a day off, I headed for the cafe to read some stuff on my netbook and ran out of good stuff to read. I was looking for local restaurant stuff and could not find much in local magazines. I thought SF Examiner would have a food column and can check in there. It was as chaotic as ever and I never found any section pertaining to food. I really can care less for SF Chronicle and have not looked at any of their stuff for months. I was at a point that I would accept information from any source to satisfy my curiosity. I visited the SFGATE web page and it was nothing different than before. The food section is the same. I read a feature and started on nothing and went into nothing. The quality of writing has improved much (NOT. Hah hah hah). There is however a new website for Inside Scoop which is interesting. I do remember sf eater as the mind behind this website. I only glanced so pass no judgment but as I remember sf eater it was obvious the editors doubled as readers and wrote comments to keep the conversation going. If they did not like a comment, the response would be abusive and sometimes downright graphic violent responses. I know what stems from New York can have such cultural roots but usually such institutions do not last long. I don’t know how much of that has gone into Inside Scoop and frankly who cares. Chronicle was bland and boring in the past and may have improved into condescending and confrontational abusive. Who knows! One has to read the junk to decide for sure but the signs are there. I am glad the government is changing and will do away with garbage such as San Francisco Chronicle pretending to be a big city newspaper. That was an interesting turn the day took and I still am looking for good source for useful local restaurant information.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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