The Best Food Writer in America. (Essay 18)


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Today is Thursday. I just spoke to the ticket lady at the Transit Store and found out I had my days mixed up. Today is not Friday. I am too excited for Friday so the week ends. I have to buy a big load of dress shirts this Saturday. Our dress code has changed and have option of jeans but I think casual business is still the norm for business to exist in the long run. Jeans and polo shirts are great one day a week or for events but customers subconsciously gauge the person and dress shirt with whatever pants as adhering to business norms. I may be wrong but don’t think so. I managed to lose plenty of weight last year and need smaller shirts now. I have several new apps on my Blackberry that really help with many things. Vayyoo is a very cool app for doing social media except has its advertising signature that is so big one cannot post to 160 word sites!!! I emailed my complaint. The app is good itself for now. must be on every smartphone. It comes handy for driving but also notifies of all text messages and emails upon arrival if one wears a Bluetooth. I like that. It keeps me from checking my phone for messages, etc all the time. I have a separate phone for my social media stuff that arrive as text messages but important stuff go to my Blackberry. I keep the emails and at end of the day I can switch the number of words read by from 25 to 500 and make it read them to me. Most of the emails I am interested in are about wine releases and such. One can fall sleep reading them as would when reading an insurance policy. I find the software much more productive than myself reading through okay and junk emails. I ordered a stamp with basic contact information which should arrive someday soon. That goes on the back of my business card. Since my head is so big on the card, there is hardly room. I made the card so I can change location information since I find it unwise to stay at most retail locations for too long. My card has worked out well so far except I can give out more much easier now. I expect to get more business through referrals than the casual retail routes. I hate to admit the number of things wrong with our retail setup. In short, it is made for retail and not sales in general but can be made to work. I have to also admit I get plenty of business advice (that costs a great deal and not available to average retail employee) from outside and chances of success for my activities are higher than the average retail employee. The experience and knowledge I gain will be invaluable for developing my own businesses. I should be starting in that direction soon also since everyone is calm again and not worried. That tells you how wrong people are about economy and life. I read a few days ago that a local food writer of notorious rep has been named the top writer in America!!! I thought as bad as he is, this country is either has lowered itself to the lowest to think our non-name friend (yeah right) is its best or that he is on his way out and this is a ceremonial title. That is usually done (lifetime achievement blah blah) when someone is retiring or ill and has little time to live. I did not make that standard. America likes to celebrate as many things as it can while possible. I also asked around and got a very good insight from someone with access to more information. All I can say is one can get such awards by paying the right sum of money!!! Our friend is the worst writer in America when it comes to food but he is also the frontman for a powerful local special interest and they want to keep him up so he has influence in choosing his replacement and the special interest will continue its grasp on the local scene. I can say more but won’t be the information I got and my own musings. Anyway this famous person claimed a few weeks ago we have boomtime in local restaurant business!!! Now I read somebody admits 290 restaurants closed in one year locally and so on. The bottom line is most people have no clue what goes on in the real world but can be good temporarily since business climate stays stable if one is to enter business. I am not worried about staying in business. That is when experience pays off but the initial stage of a business is very costly and that is where I am. I have also started my wine journey again and I need to land myself someplace where I can taste what goes through the market. That is really my level and not studying with students desiring paper awards. I will be ready and forced to take the exams in time but think the right path is not through exam study groups (unless one is very close to the exam time) but through the field itself given one knows enough to go through and actually be able to retain knowledge. There has to be a way to do this without going from tasting to tasting and likewise. When I originally studied wine, I was told after my courses if I were to attend closely to the local wine regions and wineries I would rise to be a specialist. I eschewed that suggestion since local wines have reputation but not the universal status locals deem. We were not even taught more than the very basics of California wines. I am thinking that may be a good crash course only for the reason that local winemakers (California) are the only people I can think of who will actually support learning about wine and winemaking for the sake of wine. They have to deal with wine beyond a bottle and a label which is how deep the understanding of wine in most local circles is. I may try that. I forgot the tasting yesterday. I have to try something that works always.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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