Blind Tasting Again (Reflection 43)


Today is Monday and the weather is not well. I was too lazy to look it up on my computer and made the mistake of using my message phone. It took so long and so much scrolling I decided never again. I brought my jacket in case it is cold in the middle of summer and believe me it is. I hope it clears out in time. I reviewed some of the stuff online for what I have to do to study and most of it is review, too shallow or even very interesting. I like the daily question things on Sommelier Guild website. It gets my mind going which will happen in time regardless but has a very cool feature. A detailed description of a wine is given by its nose, palate and sight and asked what wine that is. I really like this question type not only for being detailed and very difficult but also because it is knowledge-based. I have memorized so many things in wine study and they are all needed but the actual study of wine has some aspects not covered in formal studies that can be very stimulating. A reverse (blind) approach to identifying a wine and its specific details is not only fun but also very stimulating. I admit I will be wrong every time for a long time but also I will go all the way and master the thing until I can hardly be wrong. That may be ten thousand wines before I can do it but honestly this blind tasting approach and deduction is me. The amount and details of knowledge required to be a very successful blind taster (master) is huge but I have been blind tasting everything in life (and with many objections from everyone) and this is perfect for me. I am glad I am getting back in the wine learning mode because it is rewarding and some will think it is a fun and quick process. I expect it to be as hard and slow as it was before. In other words, it will take a very long time and many trials and errors before I will have a good success rate but that is what this game is. Everything else studied is necessary but not exactly what it is. The ability to pull all the knowledge, skill and experience together and produce something valid is what being a wine professional at any level of performance requires. I am glad I found something I had lost.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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