A Thought on Food, Beverage and Hospitality Industry in America (Reflection 42)


It is Thursday morning and I am having my coffee. I am due at work in 30 minutes and today is the only day my new schedule is hard. I should be able to get plenty done on other days. The weather forecast had highs of 63 degrees and since yesterday was very nice and sunny with highs of 58 expected I brought no jacket this morning. It is cold and very annoying. The weather is weird regardless how long I have been is San Francisco. I look forward to spending less and less time here. I hope to get a parttime restaurant job for two reasons: My new schedule gives me more time and if I only work in a wine-related business I will automatically back in the business fully. That is another thing I learned from my experiments. Most of the people I know in restaurant business and probably many of the rest whom I do not know are in food, wine and hospitality business only because they are physically present in some capacity. The industry does not exist beyond the physical environment. If any of these people would not attend their jobs, etc. they would hardly have anything to do with the so called industry as I have unless one has the capacity to get involved at some other level as I have with my blogs. And that is the whole point, the majority of so-called professionals in our industry cannot get involved in the industry beyond being physically present because they were not professionals in the first place and no industry exists in the real sense of the word. That also explains why so little happens in the ‘food, wine and hospitality industry’ beyond the basics and what goes with the physical activity. The ‘industry’ hardly exists in any dimensions beyond the physical and though is hard to see is a fake concept. A whole bunch of people own, run and work at various food, beverage and hospitality establishments and basically do what they want and the way they want. Since it is better for them to pretend to be professionals, they act as such but are doing what they want as they want and not what is the industry standard (if exists in true sense of the word) and as is supposed to be. The most basic fact in this industry is that what is done professionally can be very bad for business and American food and beverage business especially avoids any bona fide standards. The real business and the money lie in the territory outside of the domain of a bona fide food, beverage and hospitality industry. I still look forward to being physically present because that will get many related things started. I should be not so lazy and do it.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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