Can Wine Writing Not Be Praise? (Short Piece 32)


Today is only Tuesday but I have the day off and made for a nice relaxed day. I noticed today I have not had many posts on My Life as a Cush Blog since I tested posting by my new cellphones. I happened to have started my last dozen or so posts here but ended up writing and going in some direction thus changing the purpose of the post and had to move to another blog. That is not the first time this has happened I have started many writings with the intention of following one structure and the writing has taken itself in a different direction as it evolves. I felt no necessity to write a post just to alter the absence of posts on this blog but also wanted to write something so I understand what happens better. I have numerous means of producing writing that may post to my blogs as of now and that results in some chaos. Frankly, I do not care if I use one system or another but do care about writing enough to feel I keep my blogs going. I have learned so much from the process of doing my blogs and one important thing is how the majority of people I come across are fakes. The many people I may have to deal with in the fields of journalism, food writing, wine tasting and so on are not really what they seem to be or claim to be. The industry is nothing but a bunch of people who own the wine business locally and overseas and that is just business. The passion part is fiction. A very clearly remembered rule in wine and beverage business is to constantly praise everything. Everyone knows this rule and adheres to at any given moment. One is to praise the winemakers, wineries, wines, and whatever comes across. Some may say the hospitality facet of the industry has to do with this but others may say how objectivity lacks in this industry. The most heard complaint within the industry is about who does not praise whom. It is an unwritten rule that applies from moment to moment. This industry is about praising things. One is only around to praise the others and proclaim great things about them or forget it. That is really what happened to my very active blogs. The rules were violated by not praising. The most fundamental reason for anyone having a wine or similar blog is to be there to praise how great this one is and how great that one is. What else could there be? That is the story of my old blogs that systematically published. Today, I have changed to the approach of writing without as much organization and structure (as my mentors required) which result in messy and infrequent publication. The essence of the material is the same and praise has no place in my writing unless it really belongs there. I have to admit once again what I was told long time ago when I wrote about the problems of the food and beverage and hospitality industry. Someone prominent pointed out what industry? The point was no such industry exists. A bunch people who own such businesses are collectively seen as sort of an industry and there is no industry and I admit one more time the wisdom of this observation. The idea of the industry exists but is only a mask for hardcore business interests that use counting as the way to measure quality and quantity. A wine (or other such blog) can only dare to appear to be one such medium but only is tolerated if exists to praise this winemaker and that winemaker and this wine and that wine and so on. The world of wine, food and hospitality begins and ends within these boundaries. Everything that is acknowledged to exist occurs so business can go on and that only may go in one direction and is so simple. I am glad I understand this important concept so well. However, I have to admit not much has changed. I will continue to writing as I have done and can care less to be an agent of praise for the owners and the products. It is true I have to spend more time in the field but the matter of writing remains unchanged. The approach of writing without too much concern for structure and regular publication has also made me focus on the more important principle of writing as thinking on paper which is to write about what one knows well. This delays my writing and focuses on present time but makes for much better approach to sharing what of value I may have learned and understood by involvement. A difficulty is finding good opportunities that can work for such ends but the overall approach works better and fits my life and any changes in scheduling better. Incidently, this post began as a diary entry on My Life as a Cush blog and ended up here because of how the thoughts developed and such is the way nowadays.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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