Edition 37 – June 14 to July 10 2010 (Wine by Cush)


My last edition notes were about a month ago and I am glad of what I have done in the meantime. The old system of writing edition notes once-a-week was great and worked well when I had plenty of time on my hand because I wrote many posts. That system was interrupted when I moved and also changed many other things. I was advised the nature of a discovery blog requires writing inspontenously and strict order prevents creativity so messy blog should do a better job. That proved to be a good idea and do work also. I hate to admit people still steal my stuff and one day I will make sure the people who do this systematically and run mailing lists of my blog contents are so sorry they ever did that. I have a long history of getting even with people. I know from my blog hits how many on the average read my posts and so many of people whom I know read my posts never come near my blogs. There is always a price to pay and nothing is free. Stealing stuff does result in some cost in the long run as they will see. This edition of Wine by Cush does has more than a dozen posts and my case study of peasant food is also in there. Since I had spent time in discussion and implementation of materials for the purposes of my own diet and the Food Program, it was worthwhile to share some of my casual findings in a useful format thus a case study of stuff ordinary Americans eat within a broader perspective of what the base classes of the society have been eating throughout the ages. I think the insights of each short post make them worth reading. One of the posts is only available in my locked World of Cush blog because of references to certain people and not much is missed since the other posts are and will be here. I had to make a point on No Destination establishments and their value. I also proposed my Eat Free for Life program which is really a benefit to the industry during good and bad times and I am sure once it happens (which it will) the results will be violations of what I had proposed or in the public and industry interest: Somebody will try to use it to make money unless is implemented as I mentioned. I still expect to spend more time in wine tastings also but my schedule is really hard and since the blog is developing me, my ideas and contribute to the readers (including those reading stolen materials), I felt not a huge loss not to be actively tasting. I don’t think wine as a business is as much involved with tasting the actual wine as the public assume.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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