Why You Should Try a Separate Device for Each Major Activity as I do. (Advice)(Short Piece 29)


I finally had a chance to read some of my feeds today. My experiences of acquiring various devices have taught me the importance of using the proper device for achieving an objective. What I had not expected was the importance of using one device for each objective. Most electronic devices today have the capability to take care of many functions in one device. A good cell phone can make voice calls, text messages, instant messaging, web browser, take photographs, play music and more. What I had not expected was how having several devices resulted in finding a system that works very well for managing a large quantity of information on a regular basis. The key element I have come across is the need for individual devices in order to be efficient and effective. My Netbook serves a primary purpose of being a tool for updating my feeds and reading them through two separate feed readers. The secondary purpose is to write blog posts. I check my email, go online and even watch movies and TV also but all are occasional and only out of necessity. The Netbook exists and is carried around as a device that I can open, turn on and read my feeds or when I am ready to write a blog post and publish to my websites. The cell phone I am using is a sample for testing the features and quality of many cell phones. It serves well for voice calls but has the primary function of being a device for sending and receiving text messages. The secondary function is not the voice calls, which can be sent and received when needed, but to keep track of my memos which also hold my important todos. The phone lacks a separate application for keeping track of todo items and if it did, the primary function would be text messaging and secondary to manage a small todo list. Voice calls and memos would also be there but anytime I handled the device, it would be most likely to send a text, receive a text or handle a todo item. I have started testing my Peek email device. My emails are sent to the device and I am testing with reading some of my feeds using Peek and my social media updates go in there also. The primary purpose of this device is to receive and pile up my emails. Anytime I go to the device and look in there, I read emails or other notices such as feeds or social updates. I could upgrade this unit to Peek Pronto which allows me to send and receive text messages but that would serve no purpose. The key to efficiency is having a primary use (and a possible secondary) for a device and only use it for that. I am very unhappy with my Peek but appreciate its ability to collect my emails and make them available in one place. I think as I test cell phones, I will use a Virgin mobile phone only for this purpose and that of reading my feeds. I will be subscribing to a cell phone line but hardly ever using the voice minutes, the texting ability, the web browser and even the social media features. The phone would exist as a simple tool to collect my emails and hopefully some of my feeds. Anytime I would go to the device, it would be to do emails and some important feeds of timely importance. The experiment so far has been very successful and I am testing more devices but the overall goal is to manage the information and communication systematically using multiple devices with the end in mind of processing volumes of information several times larger than I do now in any way possible without stop. The multiple device system works very well and much better than all my previous systems but I need good tools also. The Netbook does a great job so far. The cell phone will keep changing and soon will be a strong device which takes care of sending and receiving text messages and voice if needed. Another cell phone (in the absence of a reliable device similar to Peek) will be a wireless device for collecting and reading emails and some feeds when away from Netbook. I expect this combination to work very well and all the other features of my devices are used when needed. The important thing is each device has been simplified to a unique tool and the device is used 100% for that purpose. I have a mobile machine for reading my feeds and can do blog posts also. I have another for sending and receiving text messages and when needed voice calls. Finally, I have a third machine for receiving email messages and some feeds if needed. Why not combine all into one? That is a possibility but I can tell you from personal experience the result will be absence of productivity especially if you have a great deal of work to do over a long period of time. Any of the devices available today can do many functions but the individual user functions much better by using different devices.

When I was in college, I took too many courses at the same time and was always short for time. I learned by experience I would get tired and my brain would shut down after a few hours of reading, writing and doing whatever which required brain involvement. I also learned that if once my brain had shut down (and would do no more work), I would move to another location my brain would agree to work for another long period before shutting down again. I could get anywhere from six to eight hours of intense and quality work by doing some of the work in the library, then moving to computer lab, and subsequently to the cafeteria and finally to the dorm room. I would do as much work as possible in one location until my brain would stop. I restarted effectively every single time by changing my physical location until it shut down again. It would not shut down for a very long period of time. I believe a similar principle is at work when doing my present work. I get sick and tired of reading feeds for hours, then switching to writing, then reading emails, and so on. I however have found the same workload is very manageable if I use a separate device that works differently (not three Netbooks or identical cell phones). One of my devices (the Netbook) is working perfectly for its objectives. My email device is very primitive and has to be replaced. I get so much work done by having a single device for emails that makes it worth paying a montly fee and having a cell phone just for this purpose. My cell phone needs to upgrade until the perfect device has been found.

I strongly recommend you explore the possibilities for increasing your own productivity by finding separate devices as tools for the important tasks you have to routinely do. Each person will be different but the principle mentioned should work for some of you. And I do more work than 90% of all of you.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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