Edition 34 – 19 April to 2 May 2010 (Wine by Cush)


This edition of thirty four has only two posts one of which is a tasting announcement and the other is a reflection. My new mobile system has caused some problems but does work and what keeps me from working more is my screwed up work schedule. I am almost sure the company I work for has been sold and the middle level management are trying to keep their jobs, once the takeover is complete, by making all kinds of cosmetic changes that have no effect on the business but will make a new owner possibly happy that they have been doing a good job and should be allowed to stay around. None of this obviously confirmed but since everyone does a little ‘no commenting’ on rising rumors and news, the only possibility has to be true and the place has been sold. I think that is a good thing since this company has a business model that (if ever worked) is so old, even the fraudulent operations (the company itself does) put on to create fake sales numbers are no longer working. The idea of putting a 7-11 in every neighborhood but selling electronics (at retail or higher prices for the sake of the convenient location) may have had appeal once but today the consumers are very smart and research products. They also find out sooner or later that Internet provides anything retail sells at fraction of cost and they are no longer forced to shop local and pay huge sums. The majority of competition have gone out of business but do exist as online establishments. Consumer confidence does not exist any more. We are back to the days before 80s booms when people did not have money (money supply was low and only a few had some) and everyone was careful what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay. This has become the spending norm and will probably stay that way. Everyone is interested in changing this and bringing the ‘consumer confidence’ back up so the economy rolls but all tricks of government, stock market, businesses and the media so far have failed. Providing fake news, fake government data, fake indicator numbers and fake stock market or business news and numbers does not work. The word has got out that spend all you can and you will have more to spend tomorrow was an old theory and does not work any more. Another undeniable fact is that somethings have changed though we cannot put our finger on them. One is Generation Y is here. They are young, don’t care about much, spend all they can (and have less daily) and are very large in total numbers. They are pushing everyone else out of work by working for less money, more hours and appearing to be a better deal for the business and the industry. They are not. Anyone who takes the time to check the characteristics of Generation Y knows they will bring the country down for good. If nothing else, their huge numbers and lack of jobs (100 million after 45 million and that is if every Gen X person left their jobs) promises huge unemployment and high crime. Generation Y will be very big on crime and they are just taking their place in the society as Baby Boomers are retiring. Many things have changed and are changing though probably will not be noticed for some time to come. The negative effects are already here. On the brighter side some lousy and terrible companies are going out of business and will be replaced by more balanced businesses. The crooks are the last to go out of business because they cheat so much and have room to be flexible. It looks like their time has come. I am glad the revolution movement is picking up speed and many of our today’s executives and business folk will soon be inhabiting our prisons. It is wonderful everyone has been brainwashed so nothing but the current state of society is a believable scenario to them. They will get hit harder and harder when the changes pick up enough pace for them to notice also.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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