Slow Business and Busy Work (Reflection 41)

I had a long and hard day at work. A bunch of wires tangled together and accumulated over time caused many hours of trouble and delays. The business has been slow being right after the tax day (April 15th) I assume and not much to lose in sales but fixing the wires was a troublesome task. Fortunately, I am not the store manager and only shared part of the problem. One of the disadvantages of working for corporate America and especially companies on the lower end of quality and operation is many things can be or are out of order and do not necessarily get fixed over time. Better companies take care of things as part of the normal business routine. Mediocre companies do not. I was telling someone if business was good and everyone was needed on the sales floor at all times, the wire business would be postponed indefinitely. I don’t know if this is a universal problem in the industrialized companies but at least in America too many things can be wrong at all times and will hardly matter as long as no one pays any attention or can be covered up. Good business practices would require a thorough operational design and implementation. Most businesses I have dealt with do not have much of an intelligence in their design but have no problem pretending they know what they are doing and cover things up. That seems to be the way to go and do business and accepted as the norm. I don’t think this problem will go away or change unless our system is somehow exposed and forced to compare itself to better systems. That is unlikely to happen. One of the blessing and curses of America being itself has been its location between Canada, Mexico, and two oceans. America cannot compare itself to any neighbors of like size and structure and does whatever wrong it wishes to itself and others.


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