Edition 33 – 11 to 18 April 2010 (Wine by Cush)


This edition has only one post which is about retail in specific but relates to wine indirectly. I have been trying now to write reviews of anything since in today’s business climate all reviews are deemed damaging except for a 100% praise review. It was not however possible to cover the topic without using examples and I think the subject was treated fairly. The problem with dishonest business is whatever comes its way will be dealt with dishonestly also. A fair, honest and critical questioning of a business operation that is based on fraud will not result in the improvement of the operation. They will cover things up and continue. I frankly don’t care because this is not my area to follow up but the time has come or should come shortly for this country to admit more than mediocre and fake is the basic minimum standard in all facets of life. Lying and coverups by burying things under the US flag, the cover of being All American, and the American Way is how business is done in America and has always been but the shift from a centralized system to organizations of fewer hierarchy levels has made it possible to avoid this American evil. It is possible to run companies, make products, provide services and live life by meeting standards far above fake and faulty (that are wrapped in the American flag not to be questioned). That should be the direction the country moves toward and these institutions and their ways of thinking have to be discarded or the harm that they have caused will continue into the future. Someone told me once when Tom Peters was going around doing research to write his famous book on excellent American companies, many of these corporations knew through their political lobbies this was being done and they arranged to set up so he found more than he had expected in America that was beyond excellent. That may be true or not but is certainly one way to look at the whole thing. American business has never been honest and nor has been any other institutions that are traditional in America. The same questions can be asked about the government, the education and so on. As long as they are covered under the cover of American Way and American Flag and no comparison or measurement can be made, they go on. I have been told for more than 20 years (most of my adult life) of how some of the most evil men in the world run the Department of State in Washington. Now, it is fashionable to say they worked for the Israeli Lobby and now they work for the Arab Lobby and so on but has not always been such. Department of State makes rules for all kinds of things in the universe and most of all everything has to meet the basic requirement that America is Great. Any lie and coverup will be supported by our government to portray that America is Great. The industry can do whatever it wants. The schools can do whatever they want. The criminals can do whatever they want. As long as they tell everyone America is Great, the government will cover up what they do. Anybody can do whatever evil they want and do whatever wrong they want with some help and Department of State has been helping them as long the prestige of America is not questioned. This lying business has gone too far and soon everything will literally blow up into pieces from the lies, the deceits and the chicaneries that have piled up behind this dam of the media coverup. America is not Great and is a terrible country. It can be great in a snapshot moment but if seen over a long period of time, the life of this country is a life of evil. Department of State covers this life of evil up. Many who know about and understand are eliminated or bought by the government. The bulk of the population know nothing and only understand life on a day-to-day basis. The time has come for America to look at what it has been and has become beyond the lies sanctioned by the government, covered up by the media and the ignorance of everything that is wrong here. The soft change in the government came with Obama election which failed proving once again the impossibility of any reform effort within the system. The hard change is progressing very rapidly and will literally wipe things out of its way. Personally, I think a top priority is that nobody runs away and should be held accountable for what they did under this United States of America. That is especially true for those evil men of the Department of State. Revolutionary effort has been at work in this country to fight its evil for decades. When the top military brass requested my presence here, I was barely out of high school. The Department of State would not issue a visa for me to enter the United States. Department of Army sent a few men to the Department of State who proceeded to give such a beating to the gentlemen in the Department of State, they not only had no problem issuing a visa but also made a pact to fight everything and anything I ever do. God knows how many of them have gone to the grave in the past two decades and finally the day has come to open the books and question every single one of them who are alive, dead, in active service, retired, and working for the Foreign lobbies. Evil has been at work in the American life forever and no American will deny it. The details of how, where and why are seen differently however. The time has come to get rid of the garbage that does not work, that does harm and is against the very life of this country but is tolerated under the guise of the American Way, the All American and the American Flag. What would be the best way to cover up one’s evil deeds and wrongdoings than under something that is deemed unquestionable? Those who authorized and organized this will be traveling to hell before, during and after their terrible deaths to come when they are captured by the revolutionary forces very shortly. And one of the many evil parts of America that will tossed away forever is these All American companies of worst standards and evil functioning. We look forward to that day of freedom from the lies and the evil of these demonic institutions disguised as the most proper. That day is today and on.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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