Life Without Michael Bauer! (Reflection 40)


Today is Sunday and usually the big day to check restaurant reviews of SF Chronicle. Today I had no desire to see what Chronicle (or Bauer in specific) had to say about anything. I did not bother to peek. It has been a week since I even checked the Chronicle almost. I figured after being kicked off Michael Bauer’s blog for not being politically-correct and QUESTIONING him that there is always a good side to most things that happen in life. I have been cutting loose from San Francisco. Moving out of the City was one step and I finally got myself out of the library system in San Francisco. I have no hold and nothing to arrive. I do have two books to return but they don’t count. I am using the local library resources here and they do work well. Library is significant because I borrow hundreds of books annually for my stuff. That is one less thing that connected me to San Francisco. Michael Bauer and the realm of food and dining in San Francisco was another thing that involved me and had to keep going. I have a choice not to participate in that community and never had a reason to exercise it until now. The world is different without including the not-clear perspective of Michael Bauer (and his editor fellows at SF Chronicle) in my thoughts. Dining, food and wine are not defined by what Bauer and Chronicle bring to the centerstage and how they view and treat it. I have a choice of concentrating in several direction locally and more places in distance. That is a different feeling. A person’s mind is good for quality work in the morning and can last four hours. The mind loses its vitality and is best for routine and lower status tasks and activities after that. I don’t have to include anything that relates to San Francisco in my early hours of work thus wasting the better part of my day on things that are lower status and rank but are treated as high ranking because SF Chronicle is a third rate paper and there is hardly any other way to go about things there. I expect to do more in food, wine and dining being shielded from the non-sense of Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle and the City of San Francisco. I even recommend the clarity of life to others in the profession. Distance thyself from San Francisco. True, what Bauer and Chronicle do has marketing value but besides that your careers are being wasted.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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