Michael Bauer May Be in Serious Trouble with the Government (Short Piece 27)


I woke up today and got my surprises. First is my own update on my twitter from last night about Captain Kirk meeting Abraham Lincoln in space…. I should have mentioned I was watching it on Hulu. Otherwise, it sounds strange without the context. That was half of my morning. The other half was my curiosity to peek at the Top 100 list. I already knew what is in there but was curious how it was organized and presented. As I had expected, it was not. The online version is crap and not there. That is actually a good lesson for other papers not to whine so much and use any kind of trick (as SF Chronicle has) to sell their paper version. I still believe the idea has some merit. The other half of my surprise was right there. Michael Bauer’s grandiose comments began with a big no-no. He used the D word ‘The economy may be depressed…’ How can anyone dare to admit that economy is not turning rosy and even better than before. It seems we live in a constant state of denial (or as is called the Code of Silence prevails) of what is really going on in the world. The economy did crash which is a fact and did give Obama the edge into the White House. The Obamas did create a plan to bring it back and yes it did fail. That is the reality version but in the realm of public thought everything is okay except for the part where the stimuli plan has failed. It has worked and is working or needs this and that before it actually turned good as the boss man has said. How dare anyone say anything contrary to what the boss man says. The D word was banned by government filtering and editing the idea out of the news thus we did not have an economic depression. Many would say we did. Everyone would say we did. Some would say we still do. However, nobody would bring the D word up. I read last week somewhere how it is now acknowledge that Iraq did go into a civil war but the US government using the media denied it every single day. Now, the regime has changed and people admit this. I also remember the insurgency was defeated a few years ago!!! So they say and they have been ripping through the country day and night but officially it does not matter any more. And now we have people using the D word referring to US economy. US economy is in whatever state the boss man in Washington says it is and nobody else need to comment. That is how it is done on this continent. San Francisco Chronicle should print a correction notice somewhere on page thirty-something at the bottom pointing out Michael Bauer’s mistake or the poor man may hear from some government agency. We know for a fact his name has been added to some list in Washington since most of the information is collected electronically and don’t know how important Bauer is (HaHaHa). I hope he won’t have problems flying airplanes and make sure you don’t pay cash when renting an automobile. And I hear they follow your car around with a satellite if the government doesn’t like you. How can anyone use the D word so carelessly? Do you have any idea how much trouble you can get into in the land of the free and the brave? We are not in a depression and the economy is fabulous as President Obama has fixed it and he will let us know if otherwise. (We are so screwed ……)

and I forgot to mention the Top 100 list is online also. The D word?

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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