Wines of Pieropan and Speri at Jugshop (Tasting 48)

Here is another local tasting worth attending………..

The Wines of Pieropan and Speri
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There is much more than just the Piemonte in the chilly italian north that we love. Think Veneto: The soaring Dolomite mountains to the north, the fertile plains of the Po-Valley, and the adriatic sea to the east, hugging Italy’s historic and most beloved tourist destination, Venice.

What’s more noteworthy about the region though is its abundance in culinary heritage and winemaking history, perhaps the biggest pride being the wines of Valpolicella, namely Amarone and Recioto, that owe their richness and concentration to an ancient unique step in grape processing. Rondinella, Corvina and Molinara grapes are picked at optimal ripeness and then semi-dried on straw mats or bamboo racks in a cool and dry environment to withdraw the water, resulting in a weight loss of 30-40% and the concentration of sugar, tannin and flavor. This "Appassimento" process results in a finished wine that is unparalleled in richness and concentration.

Also found in Veneto, to the west, lies the town of Soave, an appellation known for its white wines based on the native Garganega grape, producing mostly simple, crisp wines, best enjoyed with the regions abundance of seafood specialties.

The Pieropan family, arguably the best producer of Soave, has been favoring traditional methods and grape varietals, not taking any shortcuts, being a small speck of quality in an ocean of often less than memorable wines. Undoubtedly you will find them to be among Italy’s best whites.

Similar to the Pieropans, the Speri family has a long tradition (dating back to 1874) of crafting classic wines; muscular but balanced Amarones and rich and beautifully textured Reciotos.,
We proudly present two of the top-producers of Veneto, Pieropan and Speri, for a Tasting at the Jug Shop. Come in and taste for yourself what Veneto winemaking is about!

Monday, March 29th
$10 a person
5:30pm – 7:00pm

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