Edition Thirty – 21 March to 28 March 2010 (Wine by Cush)


Edition 30 has a few posts but continues to do its job. Anyone who bothers to read this blog knows well by now that wine is not the only thing included here. The other things included, such as tales of cellphones in this edition, are indirectly related to professionals working in fields such as wine. I have got most of my stuff together and almost purchased a tiny tripod to begin my videoblog but was warned off how easily this specific model breaks. My other tripods were too large and I donated them. I am doing better and better in being consistent so my contributions to my field are more directly related to what is actually happening in the field. This requires more effort but is inevitable and since I feel it is wrong to promote the city of San Francisco in any way because of the way it has turned, I should be including more and more (and possibly nothing from SF) stuff from the outside of the city. I mentioned wine feeds suck and still believe do. Someone from another blog wrote on my blog and my first reaction, to myself, was ‘good to hear from you. i like your blog. it is very good.’ That leaves a conflict about saying wine feeds are crap (and this was a beer blog anyway and I get criticized for liking beer in general too!!!) while some feeds do such a great job. Does that change the fact about the overall nature of the feeds and the level of their contributions? I would say no but yet some people do really good work and contribute the best they can which cannot be denied. I have to think about all this and figure what I am thinking myself so I have a clear opinion. Good tastings can happen and one does at Ferry Wine Merchant this week. I am a terrible taster by way of having established opinions in many areas which means I can do a huge trade tasting in 15 to 20 minutes so I somehow wonder if I miss much by not attending local tastings but then good ones like this one make me think I should. I wrote an unfriendly comment on Michael Bauer blog, defending pizza parlors of all things!!!, and expected it being deleted (for calling Bauer a Bauer on his blog – Bauer = Ignorant on many occasions) but has not been. They deleted my last one which is fair because I told them what they are. Frankly, I really like checking how many people have thumbed down my comments and trying to estimate how many of those are from MB himself, SF Chronicle staff and friends of Bauer and the real public (not to be forgotten). It has been a hobby of mine which deleting the comment will ruin. Yelp allows the owners of businesses to defend themselves against comments (and nobody stoops low enough to actually acknowledge a yelper comment by responding to it for now) and Bauer could do that. Bauer broadcasts crap onto public and the readers try to start a conversation on his blog but are ignored. No conversations allowed nor will be acknowledged except for silly arguments between commenters. That was edition 30 of Wine by Cush.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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