Why Food and Beverage Feeds are So Weak? (Reflection 38)


I had a productive afternoon and found some new feeds to read. I enjoy reading the technical feeds because makes my mind work faster and when I go over my other feeds, I quickly find what I am really interested in reading. Food and beverage feeds are fairly static and extremely boring at times. It is very easy to get stuck though not likely to become lost in there. All of the feeds I read have clear focus and some post many but all post enough to make coherent sites. The only problem is lack of intelligent information in the food and beverage sources of information. This is something new that I have noticed I found myself comparing those feeds to another active area which is electronic gadgets. I am sure I will figure out more in the short and long run but for now I am curious why the food and beverage feeds are so boring. I hate to use the word worthless because they are always very specific and obviously speak to a very specific audience but lack intrinsic value. In simple language, food and beverage feeds are flooded with garbage that is published incessantly but lacks any value to be followed and read diligently. I am sure reasons exist for this but the most obvious for now is lack of constructive and critical thinking behind the topics. The standards may be so low that everything and anything passes as quality and is published but I still need to follow this more before I have a good idea of what is going on and why it happens. Having an alternate perspective has helped to notice the shortcomings of the info feeds in this area.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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