They Are Going to Delete My Comment Again. Is This a Police State? (Reflection 39)


I thought I post my comment that went on Michael Bauer blog since it will be deleted. Everything gets deleted that has any substance while the blog is flooded with nonsense comments and garbage that wastes your time. And so is the reputation of SF Chronicle. Do we need another pizza place in San Francisco?

Any place that sells peasants’ food will do well regardless of economy, location and competition. That is the nature of the food and the cuisine has extreme tolerance for survival as mentioned here. Pizza, taquerias, hamburgers and so on live through all changes and ages. Hamburger is what American (modern day) peasants eat and is still in its golden age. Burritos rule and pizza is the original peasants’ food. P eat food that always taste good, fills them up and money goes the distance. Yes we need more pizza places. They survive any economy. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bauer knew something about restaurant business besides eating???

Food eaten by peasants (an old world term) should be reviewed as a topic of great importance. Dried meats, cheese, wine, pizza, burritos (in America), hamburgers and so on are where they are because the modern day equivalent of the old world peasants eat them in infinite quantities. The characteristics these foods share are worth studying. Trillions of dollars have been made by targeting the public based on what the general category of ‘peasant food’ encompasses. Bauer knows so little about so many things he should work at San Francisco Chronicle.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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