Edition Twenty Seven 7 Feb to 28 Feb 2010 (Wine by Cush)


Edition 27 did happen. It covers three weeks of activity and numerous announcements of upcoming tastings of beer, wine and food. The blog is messy for the three week period and shows my achievement of the goal I mentioned in last edition for World of Cush. I expect the blog to be this way because I have no control on the number and the types of stuff I have to post. I would like to post the upcoming events to support them and can be too many but I cannot control it. This will continue. Podcasts are here and two of the posts have podcasts included where you can hear my voice and try to keep up with my rate of speech. I was taught to speak slower than I usually have and think it will show but still it is me and will confuse you as with my writing a little bit. I added another post to my retail store and restaurant case studies and has good information that is harder to implement than read about but really does work. Ronin made his case also though may be his last since the training lacks direction. I basically exhausted all steps of the training program without actually doing many of the activities. I may add more in the future if worth mentioning. I finally had the reminder (photos of dirty dishes I take) to make my case for paying attention to every step of service and not just the parts that make the house look good and guarantee the tip of the server. Repeat business is the backbone of this industry and every step of service must be followed. This garbage on the dining room table business was in great part the cause for my list of activities segment in the case study on restaurants. If all minimum activities were truly followed, the restaurants would be much healthier businesses and not so weak in maintaining business. I issued a last warning that standards of participation for media (including citizen journalists) are not set by local businesses. They have to do their part and honestly cannot expect anything in return. Whatever good or bad comes around because of contact with the media is subject to many factors but closing the door will not solve the issue and not everyone is Michael Bauer. SF Chronicle has hired the local chief of whatever-is-not-fit-to-print to run a restaurant site based within SF Chronicle. Bauer is obviously angered. His post not only announced this prematurely but also included a photo that will make the work of new hire harder in the field. I wish I knew all that was said between Bauer and his cohorts about this whole decision (not his to hire a nemesis) and their strategy. SF Chronicle food department is a less happy place now because less room for Bauer’s ego and approach. Somebody please install arrival and departure signs everywhere in Bart stations (including outside in the parking lots if you have to) so I can finish my coffee in peace.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.

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