The Last Warning for San Francisco Hospitality, Food and Wine Industry (Short Piece 24)


I am doing my best to attend events and so far has been going slow. I did a few which will come out once I post all my snapshots but need a system for doing ongoing activities. I haven’t got any invitations to any events so far since I posted I will do that on my blog sidebar. I am not obligated to say anything about anyone or any event nor am I obligated to say good things if I am invited. I think vendors know that and are worried they don’t fare well. If this system will not work out well in time, I will just do my own visits but the downside is since nobody helped with my operations, I will never be there for anybody either. That says a little about the spirit of the hospitality, food and wine industry within the San Francisco city perimeter. Every establishment in the city can go down tomorrow and nobody will do anything but watch and talk about it. I am a week or two away from agreeing that is justified for the San Francisco businesses and that is how they should be treated.

The industry is far less developed than the public think it is but at the same time it should have some common sense. Apathy on the part of the industry is what will hurt them in the long run. I remember an interesting quote for this occasion from reading a little bit of a biography on Willie Brown (only read the beginning years ago). The person who advised him used to say “if you cannot eat the special interest’s meals AND vote against them, you should not be in this business.” I can in my case say yes I can attend your event and write nothing or bad things about it and that is why I will be in this business and anybody who gives me a hard time gives themselves a hard time in the long run. Hiding and hoping nobody will come and visit or trying to keep media out will not work nor will trying to manage what is written. I am sure I don’t have a Bauer reputation and I am not a food writer to be afraid of anyway but our fake professionals in the field of hospitality, food and wine industry in San Francisco are incapable of understanding this. A healthy industry requires many things to be done including open access by the media which includes citizen media.

The industry will grow and develop one way or another and why not do things the easy way? I expect to be invited to all events so I can attend a few that are worth it and that is the easy way of doing things. That is how things work and the vendors or establishment owners do not get to choose how the media works. The alternative is to do things the hard way. Everyone can play their game as San Francisco does and thinks they are so good and will win always. If the organized, independent and citizen media are to be kept out (or given a hard time) so your enterprise can be profitable at the cost of the public and the health of the industry, our solution is to put the word out that the locals are doing what they have always done to get away with what they have always got away with and need to be watched. The difference may seem not much to you now, but any place that gets visited or reviewed will be subject to the closest scrutiny. The bottom line is many (great, profitable and arrogant) establishments will be out of business by end of each year and that is not just 2010! Business has to work with the media or one day the resistance will give birth to Michael Bauer and his like going around giving scores of 1 to every establishment. The solution is to run a healthy industry. That means the door is open for the media and you don’t decide what they say about you. Are San Francisco hospitality, food and wine establishments committed to running a strong and healthy industry or doing their own thing and getting away with things as always? If later, the industry will lose and get healthy by media exposure the hard way until only the committed are left behind. The choice remains as before and you decide. The rules are as always and nothing has changed. I expect to see everyone in the next three months or I will see everyone in the next three months.

*This post belongs to this week’s edition of Wine by Cush Magazine blog and published early in World of Cush also.


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